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They say money can’t buy happiness, but we all know that it can buy you access to a world-class trainer or top-notch personal chef. That’s why wellness tips from the A-List can sometimes fall flat these days and we get that– most celebrities we know simply have more resources at their fingertips and that can taint perspective on what’s realistic. That is, unless you’re Reese Witherspoon.

Lately, we noticed that Witherspoon, a celeb we don’t quickly associate with wellness (comparatively speaking — Hollywood is full of wellness freaks), has been dishing out tons of health and wellness tips through the year of LA’s on and off again stay-at-home orders and we’d barely noticed. Why? Because, like most things the actor, producer and entrepreneur does, she made it all look so effortless. Not in an Elle Woods ‘What, like it’s hard?’ way, but in a simple and affordable way we rarely see in Hollywood.

Here are seven times Reese infused a bit of wellness into her Instagram feed that felt totally down-to-earth and accessible — and proved that the world of wellness isn’t always complex, difficult, bougie or even expensive. Maybe Reese is the under-the-radar wellness guru we all need in 2021?

One: She did a stretch sequence on the floor with a foam roller. Did she roll out in a beautiful home gym sandwiched between two pieces of pricey equipment? Yes. Is there anything pricey, difficult or wild about her stretching routine? Absolutely not! Foam rolling is one of our top picks for home workouts and general mind-body health at home this year! You can grab a foam roller here and learn all about the powerful benefits of foam rolling here.

Two: She made a gratitude list. Hot tip: making a list of things to be grateful for is more powerful than it may seem — and is totally free. Advocated for by New Age gurus and your grandmother alike, intentional gratitude can have a major impact on your daily outlook and even have a positive effect on your health. If you’re just catching up, most medical professionals now agree that stress relief is key for the balance of several important health indicators. We love that Reese is a proponent and shared about it so gracefully.

Three: She made a green smoothie. There once was a time when a glass of green juice was unthinkable to most. That time has passed. Reese’s down-to-earth recipe made with affordable ingredients and plenty of familiar flavors like apple and almond butter shows just why this trend has gone mainstream.

Four: She ate lentils and made dinner in a slow-cooker. Is there a more down-to-earth piece of kitchen equipment than the slow cooker? Here Reese shares her recipe for a simple warming lentil soup — one of the ONLY little legumes to escape controversy in the wellness world over the last few years since they’re gluten-free, lectin-free and don’t require any soaking or sprouting.

Five: She took walks for a little daily exercise. Again, walking is free, assuming you’ve got a decent pair of shoes to hit the pavement in. We love that Reese is promoting one of the most accessible tools we have available for physical and mental health these days. Even those we know who are lucky enough to have a gym at home or an expensive subscription to a streaming service still hit the pavement when they can to enjoy a bit of fresh air and new scenery. Reese even started a Run Club she frankly admits is more of a ‘walking club’ and for that we love her even more.

Six: She went on hikes. If you’ve seen Wild, the movie that won Reese an Oscar nomination a few years back, then it comes as no surprise that Witherspoon loves to hike. Depending on where you live, this is another free or nearly free wellness activity that usually masks itself as a social activity. It’s easy to get a bit of accidental exercise when you’re traipsing through nature and chatting with a friend!

Seven: She’s always learning. Learning, a wellness activity? You betcha. Reese has famously evolved her career from actor to producer and fashion entrepreneur — opportunities that may be privileges unto themselves, yet possess no shortage of steep learning curves and other mental gymnastics. Reese is also a huge proponent of reading through her book club.

‘Neuroplasticity’ is the term currently used for our brain’s ability to learn, grow and change. Retaining it into old age is crucial for vitality and longevity. Learning new skills is a great way to keep our mind sharp and our brain in great shape.

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