We recently spent an afternoon in vintage denim heaven with the team from RE/DONE inside their downtown L.A. headquarters. Since the moment the brand launched their first pair of high-waisted repurposed Levi’s they were a hit across the city.

It’s not that RE/DONE single-handedly revived the mom jeans cut (we know – everyone responds to new denim waistlines in their own time!), but they’ve certainly been the driving influence behind the trend taking such a hold. Especially here in L.A.

If you’re still resistant to fashion’s favorite denim trend over the last few years, we’re telling you: the undeniable satisfaction of being able to tuck one’s T so thoroughly after decades of low slung pants is worth the adjustment to those new proportions.

For sustainability lovers who also like their fashion, may we remind you that shopping vintage is also shopping green! Denim requires a surprising amount of chemical processing in most cases, and produces quite a bit of waste water as well.

RE/DONE carries only Levi’s brand vintage styles (as well as their own bespoke label) which, as we learned, they source from quite the slew of vintage-loving characters. Each pair is sold individually, since founders, Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur, are just as interested in “restoring individuality to the luxury fashion space” as supplying quality vintage pieces.

A tour of their downtown HQ is any denim lover’s dream – racks of great jeans reach to the studio’s high-ceiling, all categorized by shape, wash, color and cut. Stacks of incoming styles are piled in mosiacs of blue in their processing rooms and, in the center of it all, their office space is a collage of vision boards – many of them including the brand as worn by Mazur’s wife Alessandra Ambrosio.

L.A.’s obsession with the brand has everything to do with the thrill of shopping vintage: each piece is unique and if you don’t shop in time, the piece you’re after is gone forever. It’s the thrill of the hunt.

What do you think of the slouchier, higher cut jeans RE/DONE has popularized? Into it or resisting in your skinnies for as long as possible?

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