Farm-To-Juicer: Recreate Your Fave Juice Flavors At Home With This Produce Delivery Box

LA Farm to home delivery service, Out of the Box Collective has a knack for creating seasonal, beautifully curated, theme boxes that keep us motivated to dig into all that local produce and fall in love with real food again! Collaborating with Pressed Juicery, the delivery service is offering an exclusive Juicing Box with everything needed (recipes included) to make big batches of three life-giving juice blends.

If you’ve been dragging your feet with all this ‘new year, new you’ mumbo-jumbo this could be just the thing to jumpstart you straight into health-ville. The box arrives to your doorstep, you throw it in the juicer and down the hatch. There’s nothing more mind-altering than fresh juice to get you in the mood for vibrant health again! 

The New Year brings a certain cleansing vibration, sense of purpose and healing energy. At Out of the Box Collective, we like to view the New Year as the optimum time to commit to a routine of home-cooking and healthful natural foods. While we cannot say enough about the benefits of cooking and prepping real foods, we also love to revitalize with organic produce pressed into wholesome raw juices that blend orange, red and green fruits and vegetables. For those of you with a new Christmas juicer sitting on your countertop, our Juicing Box is the perfect way to put it to good use. With curated recipes from Pressed Juicery and organic produce delivered to your doorstep, our Juicing Box will give you everything you need to prepare three different juices. Fresh press them at home and help alkalinize your body.

Prepare Greens with pear, lime and mint for a light sweet juice with zest and zing. A tall glass of Orange Carrot Beet juice, rich in beta-carotene, is the perfect vitamin-infused fuel for a cool winter night. You can also make our Sweet Greens with fennel juice, the perfect synergy of leafy greens and fruit. Each of these juices will help you cleanse, expelling toxic buildup from too little movement, too many processed foods or too much stress. Your New-Year body will thank you for helping it feel sensational!

The Pressed Juicery x Out of the Box Juicing Box!


We’ve collaborated with the team at Pressed Juicery to create these exclusive seasonal recipes. Let us take the guesswork out of building the perfect cleansing juice. You’ll enjoy fantastic flavors that will perk you up for the New Year — a great boost to get you moving toward your 2016 goals.


Get ready to juice! All the ingredients you’ll need to prepare our three raw wholesome juices are included. From sweet carrots and beets, to those vital leafy greens and pops of fresh herbs, we’ve got all the bases covered.



1 large carrot, roughly chopped
1 large or 2 small beets
2 large oranges, roughly chopped
½ inch ginger, peeled (optional)


Juice and enjoy!

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