Real Talk: How We Feel About Tom And Gisele’s Diet

Tom Brady’s very public 9-to-5 requires lasting and precise physical performance. He’s an elite career athlete, married to a woman paid (more than anyone on Earth) to show up in front of the camera radiant, strong, svelte and full of energy.

When Tom and Gisele’s personal chef Allen Campbell divulged details of “the most beautiful couple in the world’s” diet, it sent the interweb into a bit of an uproar. Some of the negative chatter has focused on just how disciplined and specific the diet is, others at the notion that such specially-attuned diets might be required at all.

We don’t always weigh-in on celeb health stories, but we wanted to weigh-in on this one. When celebrity diets come under fire, it’s usually because something remarkably imbalanced is going on. But with Tom and Gisele, we see two career professionals looking to sustain prime physical condition and a couple who is deeply committed to achieving optimal health. Offense? Besides being “incredibly good-looking,” as Derek Zoolander would say, we don’t find any.

Although a strict diet may not be feasible for everyone, we’re definitely inspired by the level of commitment these two have to their health. Here are the basic tenets of Chef Allen’s dietary guidelines for the famous couple…

80% Plant-based:

Not only do Tom & Gisele follow a mostly plant-based diet, 80% to be exact, their chef is informed and influenced by T. Colin Campbell’s work, The China Study. He bases their uber-healthy diet off of many of the studies that show a plant-based diet helps us restore and maintain health and live longer. Only 20% of Tom and Gisele’s diet is made up of more acidic foods such as lean meats, poultry and fish, and to be sure they are sourced locally, sustainably, and every ingredient is GMO free.

Zero refined foods:

No refined foods means no white sugar, white processed flours or additives. Most of their diet is made from scratch, focusing on the quality of ingredients used and the nutritional integrity of these ingredients. Tom and Gisele’s chef believes in using ingredients under the right conditions for optimal health: keeping olive oil away from heat, for example, because it breaks down at high temperatures.

Anti-inflammatory only:

A plant-based diet is naturally anti-inflammatory, but T + G’s chef takes it one step further by cutting out even natural inflammation-causing trigger foods such as coffee, caffeine, mushrooms, dairy and nightshades (think potatoes, chocolate, tomatoes and eggplant). Keeping inflammation low means faster muscle recovery and longer lasting energy.

A little real talk on this celeb diet story? Writing about wellness every day, our team is firmly aware of just how much the discussion of food, fitness, beauty, weight, and habits – good or bad – can stir up some real emotions. Every topic that relates to how ‘what we do’ effects ‘how we look’ has the potential to stir both frustration and inspiration.

When we’re confronted with the news that we could, should, must or may make a greater effort when it comes to our health – or simply the news that someone else is – our emotional responses can run the gamut in some unexpected ways. “It’s all about balanced living,”–until we’re confronted with someone who’s disciplined level of excellence in one area or the other seems to make our ‘livable’ goals seem less than.

Is the idea of the “the world’s most beautiful couple” enjoying life on a strict, cheat-free diet just too much for some of us to take? Reader weigh-in: What do you think about Tom and Gisele’s diet news? Is this couple’s lifestyle aspirational, inspirational, controversial or just plain frustrating?

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