When it comes to hosting summer gatherings, we’re always on the hunt for easy ideas that look great and taste clean.

We were impressed with these simple and beautiful crudite cups at Jordana Brewster’s garden party recently (take a peek inside her gorgeous garden here!) and loved the idea so much we thought we’d give it a spotlight all it’s own.

Throwing fresh veggies into a cup with dressing already in tow, means that your healthy celery sticks get top billing right next to hand-held items like cupcakes and chips. The easy to grab little cups appeal to kids and carnivores alike – making them hard to resist, even for the veggie-averse. Here’s how to easily throw them together…

How To Make jordana’s easy Crudite Cups: Line a serving tray with glasses or cups. Fill the bottom of each small cup with ranch dressing (we love Primal Kitchen’s avocado oil ranch). Slice veggies like carrots, cucumbers, celery and bell peppers into strips and throw into cups. Try stacking cherry tomatoes onto a skewer. Serve and watch them disappear!

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