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rasa offer codeTHE REVIEWS ARE IN! We recently hosted a reader giveaway of Rasa’s functional coffee alternatives with one catch: our three winners would have to get back to us with an honest review. True to what we’ve so often experienced with our readers, these three folks provided us with thorough and heartfelt reviews that speak to their knowledge of wellness and devotion to self-care. 

A few months ago, Rasa founder Lopa Van Der Merch shared her compelling story with us —  the “pure exhaustion of early motherhood” driving her to quit coffee and launch the product she was dreaming of: brewable coffee alternatives with powerful stress-fighting adaptogens and herbs. 

We fell in love with Rasa, and knew our readers would love the functional drinks just as much. I don’t think I’ve ever had so many friends with children ask me about a brand before!  

Our 3 winners received Rasa’s Ritual Sample Pack, something you can easily order yourself to try the brand’s full offerings. Otherwise, pick up on one of our winners’ favorites from their glowing and thoughtful reviews below. 

Our Reader Reviews On Rasa Coffee Alternatives…

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“I tried and loved the Spicy Rose Cacao steeped for 5 to 10 minutes, strained, and served as is. I actually found it to be the perfect alternative to a glass of wine at night! 

I also tried the Golden Chai at night which relaxed and helped put me to sleep. Happy Sunshine as a post-yoga morning iced tonic was delicious, however I still craved my coffee as a pick me up. I also loved the Adaptogenic Coffee french pressed as is or with some local honey and collagen powder. I enjoy a dark blend, hence I felt this did not need cream, although some may want a milder flavor. It woke me up without making me feel too jittery like my usual french press or cold brew does. I would definitely purchase this one! 

I am turning 50 and my hormones are changing. Caffeine is a big no no, however I also own a busy restaurant and am a very active person. I enjoy the pick me up as well as the ritual. 

I wanted to try Rasa as an alternative to coffee. I love the added adaptogens and I felt the coffee was easier on my digestive system. I love Rasa as an alternative to coffee. Sexy flavors, added adaptogens, and less anxiety!” 

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“Super stoked to be gifted this sample pack. Thank you. Full transparency, I had tried rasa before, but this gave me the opportunity to deep dive and discover what my heart truly favors. I have nothing bad to say about any of the products or the company, but for the purposes of reviews i’ll split hairs. My least favorite — though i’d never turn a cup down — are the dirty and original flavors. This is noteworthy because I really love coffee and tend to be a purist so things like “original” generally appeal, but I simply like all the other blends even more! 

I love coffee so much. Alas, it leaves me jittery, scattered and anxious. I’ve tried it all the ways and my nervous system just can’t handle — that led me to Rasa. 

Bold is strong and deeply flavored, and I love it brewed in my French Press or stove top Moka pot for a morning kick start. 

Super Happy Sunshine is a joy tonic. As a massive fan of lemon balm, I love this one brewed in a pot on the stove top and then kept in a big quart-sized jar in my fridge for an afternoon pick me up. It’s great hot, or over ice on a humid and hot afternoon. Inhaling a hot cup though, is magnificent. 

Calm + Creme de la Creamer could be my forever nightcap. I love it brewed and then blitzed in the blender so that it’s super creamy, best enjoyed in a big mug on the couch in the quiet moments before bedtime. 

I cannot wait to drink the Golden Chai through fall this year, especially as I ease back into a running practice and want to lovingly tend to my joints and overall health on recovery days. I imagine it might be another later in the day treat for me. And on that seasonal note, though probably good for any time, I felt really good about the Spicy Rose Cacao for a winter hot chocolate glow up this coming year. 

All of the depth of my beloved coffee but none of the blah. Plus, I felt like I was actually doing genuinely good things to support my system overall. Not just a neutral switch, but a massive upgrade. Thank you Rasa, for being epically transformative, And to you, TCM, for sharing this nourishing brew pack. Much love. 

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“I am writing my review as i sip on the RASA Golden Chai Recovery tonic. It tastes delicious and is giving me a sense of grounded energy and ease. 

It’s hard to choose, but my favorite product is Rasa Super Happy Sunshine Adaptogenic Joy Tonic. I enjoy it with the Rasa Crème de la Creamer (I love tremella) and a touch of raw honey with vanilla bean. Sometimes I blend it with fresh coconut milk, cinnamon, and a touch of pink salt. I brew it in the adorable French press that came with my Ritual Sample Pack. I feel a wonderful vibration of joy after drinking the Adaptogenic Joy Tonic outside in the morning sun. I have been mindfully incorporating more joy into my day, and the name on the package immediately resonated with me. 

Rasa is delicious both hot and iced. The iced tonics have been delightful during the hot Los Angeles days we have been having. Last week I enjoyed a warm afternoon tonic outside in the rain. The tonics are extremely versatile, and each one is delicious. 

I like to have one homemade double espresso latte per day if I am going to have any coffee at all. But I do not like to be dependent on anything, and a small amount of coffee is enough for me. But I haven’t been having as much coffee recently. Rasa has definitely taken over. 

Rasa is a welcome addition, full of wonderful and healing adaptogenic herbs, botanicals, and functional mushrooms. I especially appreciate that Rasa has all of the incredible ingredients paired together, particularly on days where I have a full schedule and can’t mix up a bunch of ingredients. There are so many wonderful choices depending on what I’m feeling. It’s been a great experience trying each blend. 

Rasa makes me feel calm, energized, grounded and full of joy. Coffee can bring on a jittery feeling or make me feel dehydrated. Rasa does not make me feel that way at all! 

I’ve been recovering from an illness (CV) while on a health and fertility journey. Incorporating Rasa has aligned perfectly with the other practices that are raising my frequency. Moving through fatigue and health woes can often feel overwhelming, but bringing Rasa into my day has been fun and invigorating. rasa golden

Rasa’s high quality ingredients are thoughtfully paired, can be brewed with ease, and make me feel great. Over the years I have loved learning about adaptogenic herbs and their healing qualities. The ritual of brewing Rasa anytime of day is calming and meditative. I have loved reading the sachets, looking at the amazing ingredients and learning about the founder and her story. I highly regard and appreciate products and businesses created with passion, love, and integrity. 

I am grateful for the moments to connect with myself during the brewing ritual as well as being a part of The Chalkboard Mag x Rasa experience. The Chalkboard Mag has long been my favorite wellness destination! I love the articles, events, and community.” 

Explore all of Rasa’s offerings or get the same Ritual Sample Pack that our winners tried! The Ritual Pack includes a free french press, 4 servings each of 8 coffee alternative blends and a 4-serving sample of Créme de la Creamer, their beautifying plant-based adaptogenic creamer! rasa coffee

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