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Lopa van der Mersch gave birth to her first child during the most stressful year of her life. It was during that difficult season that she found herself drinking multiple cups of coffee each day — desperate for the energy she needed to make it through the day. All that coffee was also leaving her jittery and fried, a side effect her strained state just couldn’t take.

It was out of that place that Lopa created Rasa, a line of brewable coffee alternatives packed with adaptogens and herbs designed to energize while nourishing, instead of depleting.

In the years since, Rasa’s Golden Chai with turmeric and shatavari and best-selling Cacao with powerful stress-fighters like reishi and rhodiola have become a way of life for Lopa and her devoted customer base — so many of them young moms!

How rasa was born:
“necessity is the mother of invention”

Here is Lopa’s story and more on the trending coffee alternative for those whose stressed out bods just need more support…

I had my first baby during the most stressful year of my life. (Trust me, it was one for the record books!) In a 6-month period, I had emergency back surgery while pregnant; moved across the country a few days later (we had to buy a van and drive because I couldn’t sit up long enough after the surgery to be on an airplane); had a death in the family; a traumatic emergency Cesarean birth; and then a massive falling out with my family of origin.

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I was also in the process of leaving an abusive spiritual community (that legit qualifies as a bonafide cult) and was healing from the complex PTSD from that experience, which included major marital challenges, as well.

It was…a lot.

On top of all these stressors I had this little angel waking me up all hours of the night. Most new moms drink coffee to get through, but my nervous system was so fried that when I tried drinking coffee, it only made things worse.rasa coffee alternative press

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I got curious about how many other people — especially new moms — were using coffee in a way that was not serving their highest good and created the line of drinks that I needed myself to energize and replenish my fried system in a whole other way.

the “bone-deep exhaustion” of early motherhood
+ What to expect from drinking Rasa

Rasa features 15 adaptogens across a line of nine blends, all of which help regulate a healthy stress response—meaning, you feel less stressed.

You cannot go wrong with adding adaptogens to your life on a daily basis when you are in early parenthood. Adaptogens do some of their best work during times of upheaval and change, and what is more ‘upheavel-y’ than caring for a tiny human?rasa coffee alternative founder

A cup or two of Rasa leaves me feeling less like a hot mess and more at ease with what life throws my way — think balanced, steady energy that sustains you over time.

The Bold and Calm blends are the best to address energy and stress since they have a supercharged dose that’s really going to trigger your body’s stress-response system into greater strength and resilience. There are over 7000 mg of adaptogens in each of those cups.

Our Original and Cacao blends are wonderful for the early months postpartum—that’s a good time to go with something a bit more gentle. I have clear memories of lying in bed, covered in all those lovely postpartum bodily fluids, sipping Original Rasa with oat milk and viscerally feeling it plumping up my depleted cells.

When you’re ready to feel love again, our Spicy Rose Cacao blend really helped me get my libido back in the game after having children. Now my husband brews it for me as a come-on.

Our star product is Cacao — a universal favorite. Our newest blend, Golden Chai has already become a best-seller and I think that’s because of its (#humblebrag coming) supremely bioavailable turmeric extract—7x more available than most of what’s on the market. It also features boswellia, aka frankincense, to support physical recovery after movement and exercise. It tastes incredible thanks to vanilla and chai spices.rasa coffeeLearn how to enter to WIN a full week’s worth below… 

Our Super Happy Sunshine ‘Joy Tonic’ contains an amazing herb that’s yet to have its moment in the sun, but our core customers know. Sceletium, also known as kanna or “Nature’s MDMA” impacts both serotonin and dopamine levels, and my experience is that a cup or two (which contains 15 mg sceletium per cup) gives me a “damn, it’s a good day” feeling — a sunny mood and resilience, no matter how hectic my day.

Sceletium is a succulent that’s sacred to the San tribe of South Africa, used by warriors to shed the weight of battle and open their hearts in connection with each other. Our sceletium is sourced via an ethical partnership with the San tribe, where they get a significant percentage of revenue. This feels especially important in a world where we tend to turn what’s sacred into commodities for others, with little regard for tradition or paying homage to the people that have stewarded its medicine, oftentimes for millennia.

Our sourcing is incredibly sustainable, ethical, and herbalist-formulated so you know you’re getting a truly functional product — not just some trendy ingredients in minute amounts.

facts on Stress, afternoon jitters + coffee

Many people do not realize that the coffee they drink in the morning is usually responsible for that “wired yet tired” feeling we get in the afternoon.

Coffee messes with your cortisol cycle which naturally peaks in the morning. When you drink coffee every day, your body’s like, “Oh cool, I don’t need to make this in the morning anymore, this dark brown stuff does it for me” and adjusts its production accordingly. But our bodies often adjust by spiking cortisol in the afternoon instead. This is actually when you want melatonin production to start, not cortisol.

When I had my baby, I remember even one of my staunchest wellness friends looking at me slyly and whispering out of the corner of her mouth, “This is the time you just guzzle coffee.”

I did and, though I’d never tolerated coffee well, the result wasn’t just garden variety jitters and low-level anxiety. We’re talking bouts of rage and waking up into panic attacks in the middle of the night. A hard no for me.

Since launching Rasa, I’ve found that I’m not alone. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they say that coffee “borrows energy from tomorrow to fuel today.” Coffee is extractive energy, and can leave you with a laundry list of side effects in its wake like jitters, anxiety, restlessness and trouble sleeping.

The regenerative energy provided by Rasa — thanks to adaptogens and functional mushrooms — helps refill your energy immediately and over time. These functional herbs have long been used to support our stress levels and having them blended into these delicious brews has absolutely changed my life.

Meet rasa’s best-sellers:
Calm + Golden CHai

rasa calming coffee alternative

rasa Calm 7800mg Adaptogens, 0mg Caffeine | With 7800mg of calming adaptogens, a clinically-studied effective dose of ashwagandha and reishi, plus blue lotus and blue vervain, Calm gives you the same level of “ahhhh” as a glass of wine after work, without the, well, wine. I also drink it after getting the kids to bed—it’s a great start to my own wind-down routine with hints of date and vanilla.
rasa chai

rasa Golden Chai 1400mg Adaptogens, 0mg Caffeine | Our Recovery Tonic for post-exercise is as delicious as it is functional, and features the world’s most bioavailable turmeric extract—7x more bioavailable than the standard turmeric you see in many products. Vanilla, frankincense, plus chai spices make for a delicious and effective recovery beverage that’s my go-to after martial arts practice.

How To Brew: Brewing all the Rasa blends is simple. You just need boiling water, time, and a way to strain the herbs. We recommend a french press because it’s such a delightful ritual, but Rasa also brews fabulously in a Moka pot (my go-to for the hottest, fastest Rasa), an espresso machine — or you can also just use a mason jar with a fine mesh strainer.

Enter to Win Rasa
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3 lucky winners will receive Rasa’s Ritual Sample Pack — including a free french press! — to try Rasa’s adaptogenic coffee alternatives at home for a month. The Pack includes 4 servings each of 8 coffee alternative blends to find the one that best match your energy needs. It also comes with a 4-serving sample of Créme de la Creamer, a beautifying plant-based adaptogenic creamer!


Want to win? Head to to the comments section below and tell us why you need Rasa’s stress-busting superfood drinks in your life! We’ll select 3 of the best comments to send Rasa’s Ritual Sample Pack and french press with Créme de la Creamer. Note: After two weeks, we will check in with our winners to ask for a genuine review of their experience to share here!

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  1. I would love to win some Rasa! As a dancer, choreographer and movement teacher constantly on the go – coffee sometimes makes me anxious and jittery. A healthier energy boost is just what I need!

    Bethany G | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  2. I need Rasa’s stress-busting superfood drinks in my life to calm my everyday nerves of this crazy world we are living in.

    Molly | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  3. I work at a doctors office and I love having discussions with our head doctor about healthier alternative ways to help his patients. I told him about Rasa and he wanted to try it and recommend it to his patients if he likes it. I’ve been considering buying him the sample pack and a French press so this is a perfect opportunity to share this with him and many more who might love and benefit from it.

    Hilary Williams | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  4. I would love to try Rasa!! Sounds so incredible. My doctor keeps telling me that it’s time for me to break my coffee addiction, but with an upcoming wedding, a move, and a new job – timing feels impossible!

    Lindsey | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  5. I’m curious about your products. I had to give up coffee due to acid reflux.

    Jim Apps | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  6. Uh, no kids – but I still think these formulas sound amazing and would love to try as I work to start my new business! Thanks for hosting the contest!

    Claudia | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  7. Stress and anxiety are a part of my daily life. My body is dealing with low iron, B12, and Vitamin D, so I need all the help I can get. Supplements help, but I would love to kick my coffee to the curb. Rasa sounds like it could be a game changer for me.

    Robin | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  8. I created my own adaptogenic herb blend that I blend with my coffee. Have no idea if my combo is smartly thought out. I love the Rasa idea, especially a blend I can take post workout (at night) , but they all sound delicious and I’m sure they deliver …. Something for all the situations of life. Looking forward to trying it out!

    Cheryl | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  9. Ah I love Rasa!! I have the Original but I am dying to try the Bold and Spicy Rose ones! I really needed this reminder to cut back on my coffee intake and why coffee alternatives from high quality brands can be so good for you.. so many great adaptogens!!

    Brooke | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  10. Hi, I have a toddler and a 6 week old baby. I get few hours of sleep – hour / hour and a half at a time. I have to wake up early in the morning to get my toddler dressed up and prepare food for her. So I do need all the tried and tested formula for this phase of my life.

    Megha Trivedi | 07.18.2022 | Reply
  11. I’m currently pregnant and absolutely need Rasa to support my mornings! Plus once this little one comes

    Lynne | 07.19.2022 | Reply
  12. Dear Lopa, as I read your story I well up with tears of my own because if there’s one thing I can sympathize with it’s the heavy blows life throws at us as well as how many it throws at once.
    I personally would love to have the opportunity to try Rasa because I have always needed an extra boost in life and coffee is sometimes borderline worse than being exhausted.
    I’d like to give some background to my own birth story in short and how I think Rasa could help me.
    My daughter is my sun, moon and stars and her father is my mountains, rivers and trees. We waited for our rainbow baby for what feels like a million life times over. Through tremendous loss, abuse and an ever changing life we have persevered and gave life to our beautiful bean. 2 weeks before we were to give birth to her we were told that our roommates have decided they no longer wanted to live with a baby. Later that night the female roommate while very intoxicated physically assaulted me. This clearly was a rough situation that did not start out that way and ended even more unexpexctedly. The next day we where packing and moving from a 4 bedroom house to a 2 bed apartment. No big deal. It was hard but we did it. The last item was moved in the apartment stacked to the roof with boxes and we sit down for a bite at 11pm; 11:12 I’m in labor. 2 days later we are bring her home to whatever this is. This would be okay for someone who doesn’t suffer from more mental illnesses than can be counted but I had to get through it. Coffee became my saving grace and ultimately a unwanted need. My partner had to get straight back to work and ppd and ppa hit me real hard so I was guzzling 2 to 3 cups a day to stay awake which dropped my breastmilk supply and cause an even bigger stress on my mental. It even shortened the already short fuse I had because I’m always on the go. Very OCD. I want to make healthier decisions. Mindeful decisions and the truth is, is even if I dont win I plan to hop on google and look Rasa coffee alternatives up and beg my partner to purchase me some. Because the migraines inbetween the cups of coffee are doing more harm than not. The yellowing of my teeth crushes my already low confadince. And my daughter and partner deserve a better, healthier me. A more ME kind of me. And I think that your special made calming coffee alternatives are just thing to help me make the switch from coffee to a better life.

    Adreanna Riley | 07.19.2022 | Reply
  13. Oh this sounds like just what I need in my life! As a 49 year old woman with painful periods and PMS I struggle with trying to cut back on my daily coffee addiction. As the co owner of a women owned and run restaurant I need to keep my energy levels up.

    Tracy DeFusco | 07.19.2022 | Reply
  14. Mama to a neurodivergent high needs child, and one other little one. Constantly running on empty and find myself reaching for coffee first thing which leaves me anxious and jittery. Need to stabilize and get back to calm to keep showing up for my kiddos.

    Lydia | 07.19.2022 | Reply
  15. I’m a sahm of 2 (son 5 & daughter 2). I’m reaaaally needing to win bc I’m exhausted. Some days I can barely keep my eyes open. I get at least 7 hrs of sleep at night and honestly don’t know what to do for energy other than coffee and matcha tea!! Need help 🙂

    Melissa | 07.19.2022 | Reply
  16. I need Rasa because I am a coach’s wife. My husband is a high school football coach in Texas. For those of you who don’t know, a lot of football coaches work 7 days a week as my husband is about to start doing. We have four kids, 5 and under and I’m constantly looking for ways to have more energy. We don’t live near family so it is usually my husband and I watching our kids on our own. I would be so grateful to try your products!

    Heather Wright | 07.20.2022 | Reply
  17. Working in a first responder role, managing a household by myself, and doing all of that and more in a heatwave has me in a coffee rut – I’d love something new, innovative, and good for me to boot! Rasa sounds perfect, and I’d love to try it!

  18. I have 3 kids, 2 startups, and 1 full time job.

    Colleen Johnson | 07.21.2022 | Reply
  19. There is no better time for improving your health and indulging in self-care. If I could cut out the harshness of coffee, but still enjoy the taste and ritual of it-sign me up! I am a 3rd grade teacher and I need to stay alert, but not frantic or shaky. Rasa seems like it may fit the bill. Can I try a pack?

    Annie Engel | 07.21.2022 | Reply
  20. This sounds so wonderful. I am currently in menopause and can’t sleep. Nothing works for me. Couple that with trying to work out each day to keep my body strong and then go to a stressful job and then not sleep again. It’s such a vicious circle. I’m exhausted EVERY day. And some days I cannot get my exercise in because my body just doesn’t want to do it because it hasn’t had the opportunity to really rest and recover. Your products look amazing and would love the opportunity to try them!

    Renee Shaw | 07.22.2022 | Reply
  21. Wow, what a compelling story you have and a very catchy tag line! I can relate to many of the struggles of a stressful year of first-time motherhood, though mine are somewhat less dramatic.
    I had my first (much wanted) baby in February of this year at age 42 and while my pregnancy was relatively easy and I was able to keep up a very healthy diet, appropriate supplements, and exercise, as well as working up until I started to have contractions, new baby and life have kept me exhausted…I learned early that even half a cup of coffee or one cup of matcha negatively impacted my daughter’s ability to sleep.
    Aside from the many sleepless nights getting used to this new precious human, my husband began his intern year as a medical resident working 80+ hours a week. We made an extremely chaotic move, where pretty much everything that could go wrong did, to a new state for this opportunity with a four-month-old, bought a house, sold a house, and had several normal ‘life-stress’ type events (trees falling over, appliances breaking, etc.).
    Still trying to balance work with raising baby away from all my family and friends and other support people, I have been struggling with the sleep deprivation and feeling like I have been barely treading water.
    Then, our family caught COVID over the July fourth holiday, which led to a hospital stay for my daughter and ongoing illness for the rest of our family. All the sleep progress we had made went out the window and I have had a week of being up hourly at night with the baby, holding her upright so she would be able to better breathe. We have had two close relatives with brain tuors in the past two years, one of whom passed away quickly, but painfully and one currently undergoing treatments.
    As we have been healing, I woke up covered in full-body hives this week and realized I had hit my breaking point and fortuitously read your article, which seemed to be an answer to part of my dilemma.
    I plan to take FMLA to sort out our lives here better and find a way forward with our current challenges and think that RASA could be a great addition to the other stress-reducing plans I have in mind.

    Katrina | 07.22.2022 | Reply
  22. I work in corporate fitness and run my own personal training business- so early mornings, and long days. I am also training for my longest ultra marathon yet – 108kms in the mountains. It feels impossible most days to get going without coffee and winding down at night can be super difficult. I’ve relied on adaptogens for years but would love to expand and grow my use to complement my life!

    Stephanie D | 07.22.2022 | Reply
  23. I am a mother of two and an avid runner. I recently started cutting back on coffee because it also doesn’t do it for me. I find I am often jittery, always thirsty, sweaty and have crazy hot flashes. I am down to one cup of decaf coffee a day and a cacao maca latte that I make myself (I recently started adding shatavari!). I absolutely believe in the healing power of adaptogens and would love to try Rasa and see if I can kick my coffee habit for good!

  24. Would love to try Rasa! I had some PPA after my daughter and coffee doesn’t help with anxiety. My second baby is due in 2 weeks and would like to maintain my energy without feeling run down! I’m already tired in this crazy heat wave 🙂

    Katelyn | 07.25.2022 | Reply
  25. I’m currently pregnant and am struggling with “bone deep” exhaustion. We moved a few weeks ago, and I can barely find the energy to unpack. I left my job due to health issues and would like to return back to work full time, but honestly, don’t know if I have the energy! I use to rely on coffee for energy, but now I’m at risk for gestational hypertension and need to avoid caffeine. This is why I’d love to try Rasa, if it can get me out of this funk and able to work full time, then I know the product will work for ANYTHING.

    Leslie K | 07.25.2022 | Reply
  26. I would looove to try Rasa as I transition from being a full time graduate student and working part time, to taking my nutrition licensing exam, and entering a career path that I am so passionate about! I, like so many others, don’t detoxify coffee very quickly, and can really only tolerate 1 cup per day. However, I love the ritual of preparing a cup in the morning, so being able to still have that and enjoy an alternative like Rasa that is truly nourishing is something so special! I am always searching for products and companies that have the potential to positively impact people’s health and wellbeing (for myself, friends and family, as well as future clients), and add on the fact that Rasa values transparency, sustainability, and purity — yes yes and yes!

    Romana | 07.25.2022 | Reply
  27. As a newly 44 year old, soon to be first time mother working in pediatric healthcare, I would be so grateful for the opportunity to try Rasa. I value female lead small businesses that prioritize health, wellness, high quality ingredients and thoughtful practices. Rossi seems like a brand that encompasses all of the aforementioned. Wish you had a sampler pack of all of your flavors! Love that the product is safe for postpartum and breast-feeding. Hoping to get the opportunity to win and review. Wishing all wellness and health!

    melanie | 07.26.2022 | Reply
  28. I am a young physical therapist in a residency program where I need energy from early AM to late PM to help my patients get better. It is my role to bring the energy and optimism and coffee and other caffeine sources bring me up and down too much. I can tell it’s throwing off my hormones and I would love to try something new that represents the physical and mental wellness space!

    Cassidy | 07.28.2022 | Reply
  29. I’d love to find an alternative! My coffee maker also broke

    Ariss | 07.28.2022 | Reply
  30. I am on my own health journey this year trying to figure out what food and drinks work best for my body. I have a 3 and a 4 year old, so I’m finally at a stage where I can work on my wellness with true focus. Coffee alternatives are one part of this journey I haven’t convinced myself to test yet, but I know I should. I would be so grateful if the way I made the switch was through this opportunity. I am already feeling better through eating a more plant-based, whole food diet and have a good feeling RASA will continue my progress.

    Big congrats to Lopa for creating this product! I’ve supported a start-up myself. I know how much hard work it is!

    Mallory S | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  31. Would love to try Rasa and end my (hard to break) coffee habit! Coffee is extremely acidic to the body and as a cancer survivor, I’m only looking for healthy choices. I went from the Atkins Diet to Whole Food Plant-Based and Rasa would be a WONDERFUL addition to my continued passion for healthy eating and living. Thank you.

    Teresa Bermudez | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  32. I have a 5 month old golden retriever, I live alone, and I work 40 hours a week. All of this means that I am never not feeling tired/sluggish. I haven’t been drinking coffee, because it makes me feel icky, so I’d say I’m barely getting through my days. I’d love to try this out and see how it changes my afternoon energy/mood.

    Megan | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  33. I’m done being a victim. I’m taking charge of my life, and that most definitely means being intentional about my wellness choices and what I put into my body. Rasa is full of nourishing ingredients, including nootropics and adaptogens that are helping me to build a strong foundation from which I will thrive.

    Marcie | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  34. I am on a long healthy & fertility journey, and after delving very deep into my own wellness, it’s the Chinese medicine practices that resonate most for me. The healing herbs, adaptogens, and inspiring combinations are what I keep coming back to. The suggestions are endless on this journey, but I know intuitively this is the guidance I need. I have been admiring Rasa, Lopa’s inspiring story, and the amazing ingredients for a bit and I would love to try! I appreciate a company built on love and healing. Thank you!

    Missy | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  35. Love Rasa and their products. It’s been a challenging time for us and I had to cut out my subscription. Would love to have some again!

    Lisa | 07.29.2022 | Reply
  36. CONTEST CLOSED | Congratulations to our 3 winners, Lydia, Missy and Tracy! Please check your email for instructions.

    The Chalkboard Editorial Team | 08.08.2022 | Reply

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