Why keep things cool with plain old ice when you can chill drinks down with juice cubes like these? You’ve seen the coffee ice cubes to keep your cold brew from getting watered down (genius!), but what about juice ice cubes for your juice, water and juice cocktails? See where we’re going with this?

Your bar cart is never going to know what hit it. And your mama’s pitcher of lemonade just got a major upgrade. The best news is that these gorgeously glowy ice cubes are effortless to make if you have the right supplies. Here are a few fun points of inspiration – take our cues and try this at home! Share some Instagram snaps with us by hashtagging your images #thechalkboardeats. Let’s see just how pretty this can get!

Rose coconut water Champagne: Use these gem-like cubes in glasses of champagne or throw them into a pitcher of your favorite summertime punch! We used Pressed Juicery’s rose coconut h2o, you can also add a couple of drops of essential oil to coconut water on your own.

Apple Lemon Ginger tea: Apple Lemon Ginger juice with a kick of circulation-boosting cayenne is perfect to freeze up and throw in a glass with more juice on it’s own, with iced tea, or a good shot of whiskey. Make cocktails or mocktails glass-by-glass to show off the ice cubes or throw everything into a giant pitcher!

the Rainbow igloo: Forget popsicles. Want to cool down with your kids and get them excited about fruits and veggies? Freeze juices of all colors in the giant square ice trays we’ve used here and lay them out on a clean surface. Let kids build whatever they’d like til the melting begins!

Chlorophyll Water: We froze tray after tray of Chlorophyll h2o after we realized just how gorgeous they turned out. Have trouble staying hydrated? If these frosty green ice cubes don’t keep you motivated we don’t know what will. Stack them high in a tall tumbler, fill with water, and stay cool!

spicy Arnold palmer: Freeze a tray of Pressed Juicery’s spicy lemon h2o and toss them in a pitcher of iced tea – as thing melt you’ll get an instant Arnold Palmer effect!

Taste the rainbow! We have a few more colorful ice cubes ideas to show you later this month, but we can’t wait to see what you do with this idea yourselves! Swipe up an armload of your own favorite juices, pick up these giant cube ice trays, and get to freezing things up. Make a cocktail, a healthy juice concoction or pitcher of punch and share your drinks with us using hashtag #thechalkboardeats .

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