You should’t let just anyone get in your pants. Our feminine care products should be some of the cleanest, non-toxic things in our personal care regimen. The more we learn about the harsh chemicals used in conventional tampons and pads, the more we feel urged to advocate for better feminine care.

Feminine care brands aren’t required to disclose exactly what’s in their products. Little did we know, most pads, tampons and feminine hygiene products are made using artificial fragrance, fibers, polyester, rayon, dyes and bleaches, not to mention the additional chemicals involved in the manufacturing or cotton-growing process — one of which is glyphosate, a common and highly controversial chemical used on crops like cotton.

You may have gone to great lengths to be sure that products you eat or apply to your skin are organic and the like, but did you know that a woman’s vaginal walls are one of the body’s most permeable areas? Any chemicals found in feminine care products can make it to the bloodstream, which isn’t ideal when we’re talking about toxin-laden cotton.

If all of this is news to you — or you’ve been thinking about it but haven’t made the leap to clean products, we recommend Rael and here’s why: not only is the brand making natural and organic products that are safer for you, they’re producing them right here in the U.S. with certified organic cotton from Texas. As we say with non-toxic hair salon products and manicure products, it’s important to consider the heath risks of the professionals in direct contact with these chemicals on a daily basis. In Rael’s case, we’re happy knowing we’re supporting less toxic conditions for Texas farmers and their communities.

True to our TCM values, packaging design and innovation are also key to us when we’re vouching for a brand we love. What first caught our attention about Rael was their incredible line up of products that just make your period a better experience. That includes a line of top-notch sheet masks, a cramp-relieving heating patch and invisible stick-on acne patches to address a full-spectrum of needs each month.

All of Rael’s products are available through subscription which, to us, is the most genius innovation ever to hit the feminine care market. If you’re looking to upgrade your feminine care, do yourself the biggest favor and create a subscription for pads, tampons, liners, and whatever else you may need so you never need to shop for them — or run out of them — ever again. Imagine that!

Here are our top picks for products from Rael. They can be purchased directly or through subscription here. Click the banner above or below for 20% off your order, which will be applied automatically at checkout!

Rael Organic Cotton Cover Pads | These shockingly comfortable pads are made with 100% certified organic cotton. They come in three different sizes, from petite to large, and even come in a version designed to wear overnight which every woman can appreciate.  CHECK OUT

rael natural Herbal Heating Patch | This power-packed self-heating patch is placed on the lower abdomen for supportive relief when cramps strike. It can be worn beneath clothing and provides therapeutic heat plus five herbal ingredients proven to be effective in soothing abdominal discomfort, reduce swelling and bloating, and improve mood and energy. CHECK OUT

Rael organic cotton cover panty Liners | These flexible, breathable organic cotton liners are an easy and discreet solution for days you need a little extra support. CHECK OUT

Rael 100% organic Tampons | Made without any harmful, irritating chemicals these non-toxic tampons are safe and seriously reliable. The eco-friendly applicator is also biodegradable.  CHECK OUT

rael Tea Tree Sheet Masks | Rael’s full line of sheet masks are a phenomenon unto themselves. There are mask types: tea tree, collagen, hydration and vitamin c. We’ve used all four and love. Looking to avoid a hormonal breakout or survive an off day during your period? Throw on a mask and better fast. CHECK OUT

rael Acne Healing Patch | We’ve been talking a lot about this new skincare trend. Acne healing patches are essentially tiny sheet masks designed to address breakouts specifically. They’re effective, transparent and quite cute, to boot. CHECK OUT

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