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Breakfast at Au Fudge and lunch in Central Park…. If we could exist in L.A. and NYC simultaneously we would, but as our custom Gulfstream jet is still on order, we’ve got to break our days up a bit. Bi-coastal living is a life skill. And no one does it better than our May Guest Editor, Rachel Zoe.

Rachel’s high-octane life – from running a fashion empire to balancing that mom life – makes settling in one city a fantasy at best, but Rachel has managed to turn both L.A. and Manhattan into a playground for herself and her fam.

We’re inspired by Rachel’s L.A. and NYC faves, including her style uniforms on both coasts. Pick up a few tips for mastering that bi-coast commute in good health and great style…

Go to brunch in L.A.:

The Beverly Hills Hotel, Soho House, Au Fudge, The Bel Air Hotel and the Montage Rooftop.

Go to brunch in NYC:

The Clocktower, Sant Ambroeus or a picnic in Central Park.

L.A. Uniform:

Flared denim, fitted jacket and a pair of crazy sunnies. Or a caftan/maxi dress.

NYC Uniform:

Black tux pants, black or white shirt and a fur or leather jacket.

Necessary indulgence in L.A.:

One day a week, I work outdoors… I love my backyard office!

Necessary indulgence in NYC:

Hands down: a driver.

Fave shops in L.A.:

The Way We Wore, What Comes Around Goes Around, Decades and Resurrection for vintage pieces. When I’m shopping for my boys, I love Eggy and Poppy!

Fave shops in NYC:

NY Vintage, Kirna Zabete and Curve. Also Les Petits Chapelais and Maiike for kid’s clothes.

Latest L.A. inspirations:

The Broad Museum and LACMA.

Latest NYC inspirations:

The American Museum of Natural History.

Best health tip for traveling in between:

Stay hydrated! I drink a ton of herbal teas and water and take a lot of vitamins!

Go-to travel accessory:

My boys and I have monogrammed LV speedy bags that we love.

Fave outdoor experience in L.A.:

The Beverly Hills farmers market every Sunday with my family, and the Brentwood Country Mart and farmers market.

Fave outdoor experience in NYC:

A beautiful spring day shopping in Soho, or walking the High Line or Central Park with my boys.

Fave Pressed Juicery flavor:

Greens 2 or the almond milk for the boys.

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  1. Seriously?

    Victor Lomeli | 05.23.2016 | Reply
  2. I think this is the last time I come to this site. It promotes such an unhealthy view of the world (under the guise of a “health and spirituality” mag) when you’re talking about monogrammed LV bags for children as “travel essentials” when many kids are starving around the world – including in the US. I’m so tired of “health” sites promoting a lifestyle of indulgence and excess instead of real values – like taking care of the environment (which includes reducing the carbon footprint of “jet setting”), inner beauty and simplicity. The values presented here are truly askew.

    Stephanie | 05.24.2016 | Reply
    • Thanks for your thoughts, Stephanie. Once of our mottos is that “everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn”. We like to share a variety of vantage points on “living well”!

      The Chalkboard | 05.26.2016 | Reply

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