Over the Mother’s Day weekend, between brunch cocktails and last minute trips to the post office, L.A. lady bloggers from the valley to the beach descended on Create & Cultivate‘s Los Angeles conference for panels, shopping, mentor sessions and a mingle amongst Snapchat-worthy snacks – Pressed Juicery juices and Alfred Coffee included.

Our May Guest Editor, Rachel Zoe was a keynote speaker along with former Guest Editor, Jessica Alba (watch this sweet video!), it-girl jeweler Jennifer Meyer and Netflix queen, Chelsea Handler. Rachel had a few choice words to share with the gathering of women on being boss, being mom and balancing both roles well…

“Before I had children, I felt I was so imbalanced. I was so obsessed with my career that I couldn’t see anything else. I missed every birthday. I missed every holiday. I missed anything that mattered outside of work. And then weirdly when I had my first son, I feel like all of a sudden I became better at my job. I was more able to focus… prioritize… look at really important things in a different way, and handle them in a much more sane way.”

We love Zoe’s refreshing take on adding a baby into the mix as a woman with a thriving career. So often we’re told that having kids will existentially splinter your ability to focus on and highly achieve at work. The idea that the competing priority of a young child only sharpened Zoe’s focus is a fresh, positive and empowering message we think more women (and men!) need to hear.

What do think? As a new mom, old mom, or mom-to-be, can you relate? Or are you hoping to learn more from mom-bosses who do? We want to hear from you…

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