Joy Comes more freely when we are rooted in a sense of spiritual, emotional and physical safety. This powerful practice from energy healer, spiritual life coach and motivational speaker, Benson Simmonds, is designed to help us build a deep sense of security from the inside out.  Adopted from Rabbi Bentzion Bar-Ami, Benson uses this protection meditation in his personal practice and even talks about it in his book SOULAR POWER – Unlocking the Eight Gates to Joy and Abundance.

Benson is all about inspiring others to love and believe in themselves and embrace the power of their soul to live their dreams. His work is what many would call ‘woo-woo’ , but one session with Benson had us recognizing an undeniably powerful effect. So many of us are skeptical about the power of own words or unspoken beliefs, but practices like this one may just open us up to how malleable our sense of well-being can be.

This ancient meditation is a powerful way to wash away any blocks that are keeping you from feeling your best. Here’s Benson…

The Pyramid of Protection Meditation

What is the pyramid of protection meditation? An ancient Jewish mystical visualization/meditation to provide spiritual, emotional and physical protection. It helps you protect your energy in social situations, with family, friends, etc. As an energy healer, I need to protect my own energy so that I can facilitate healing in others without taking on their negative energy. You can’t give to others if you’ve depleted yourself.

What’s the goal of the meditation in a nutshell? This meditation helps protect your energy so you can be free to love and share with others. It is also an amazing way to start your day, by focusing on the pyramid and connecting to your ultimate power source which is the divine light of unconditional love. You will find yourself less drained. We all know people who consciously or unconsciously feed on your energy. You notice you feel drained after you leave them. The pyramid protects you from this happening.

How To Activate The Pyramid Of Protection

Get Comfortable. Sit or stand with your feet planted firmly on the ground. Feel the weight of your feet on the floor and relax your body.

Picture The Pyramid. Then imagine that you are sitting or standing within a 4-walled three-dimensional pyramid. The floor to which you have your feet grounded now becomes the square which is the based of the pyramid connecting to the base of the four adjacent triangular walls.

Envision Pure Light. Imagine that the white light of unconditional love is flowing down from the heavens and hits the point of your pyramid and infuses each of the walls of your pyramid with divine light, charging up your pyramid light a force field of love, joy and protection.

Let The Light Spread. Imagine that same light flows into the top of your head and fills the tiny ball of light that is the command center of the brain. Then feel that light spread to the rest of your brain. The light then flows from the top of your spine to the bottom three vertebrae. Imagine another ball of white divine light flowing through and around the bottom three vertebra. Lastly see the light enter your heart, opening your heart up to an ongoing flow of the divine light of unconditional love

Seal It With A Mantra. Repeat this Hebrew Mantra: A-ta Ha-shem Ee-ma-dee.  Shma. Yeesrael A-doh-nie, E-lo-hey-nu. A-doh-nie. Eh-Chad! This activates the pyramid for 24 hours. Do this meditation/visualization every 24 hours and you will be connected, protected and directed by the divine.

Grab another powerful ritual from Benson here.

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