If the kitchen is “the heart of the home”, then the bedroom is the soul. As more and more of us get excited about using natural materials throughout our personal space, our bedrooms are getting subtle makeovers. We’ve been upgrading our most personal spaces with organic bedding, mattresses without harmful chemicals, sleep-friendly lighting and essential oil diffusers.

We caught up with TCM contributor Nicole Granato as she designed the bedroom inside her new retreat in Joshua Tree to find out what eco-materials she’s loving best.

Just a few short hours outside LA, Joshua Tree National Park is a desert paradise with a special draw for wellness-lovers. The unique, grounding energy out in the desert serves up just the kind of mind-body benefits we need for a quick weekend away from the bustle of Los Angeles.

Nicole, her husband, dogs and new rescue horse are calling the space home from time to time and preparing the space to serve as a holistic ranch retreat with natural planning from floor to ceiling.avocado mattress

The retreat’s bedroom is green, serene  — and apparently horse-friendly (see below!) — thanks to a mattress and pillows from Avocado Mattress. Avocado is one of the first affordable mattress brands dedicated to using natural materials and sustainable practices including 100% GOLS organic certified latex from tree-tapped sources, 100% GOTS organic certified wool and 100% GOTS organic certified cotton. Here’s Nicole with more…

The design ethos of the house: I designed this house with the intention for it to be a place people could heal and disconnect through their environment using natural materials, linens, cleaning products and colors that reflect the earth. I love Danish midcentury modern design and have a few vintage pieces I have collected over the years. I wanted people to feel a sense of earthiness and warmth when they walked into the house.

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The eco ethos of the house: Less is more and always quality over quantity. We use natural wood, fibers and materials whenever possible, and all-natural and biodegradable cleaning products and beauty products. We want people to feel that living in a beautiful space can also be friendly to the environment!

The most eco-friendly things in the house so far: It’s hard to say, but one thing I am really proud of is my husband and all the work he has done himself. He is committed to always buying exactly what he needs and not wasting materials, which happens so often when remodeling or building a house. When you hire people to do jobs so much is thrown away and wasted — we just didn’t want that.

how do you keep the Bedroom eco + low-stress? Less-is-more is my approach for my entire house but especially the bedroom. I incorporate natural woods, neutral tones, a plant or two and a mirror. Using organic bedsheets, I think, is one of the most important things to consider along with your actual bed.

Tell us about your mattress: I am in love with my Avocado mattress for two main reasons: It is completely vegan and uses natural fibers, and I sleep the best I have ever slept in my life. I truly believe everything we inhale effects our health and well-being! Conventional mattresses can release not-so-healthy chemicals into the air as we sleep. Avocado mattress is designed without those harmful materials.

We spend so much time sleeping that the quality of my mattress means a lot to me. I am also someone who used to need to sleep with many pillows, but since sleeping with my Avocado pillow, it’s the only one I need. It has made such a difference with my back pain.

And sheets or bedding? I love Coyuchi bedding because they are a brand that is truly passionate about sustainability and bringing the best quality and natural product into people’s homes. I use all of their linens, bath towel and blankets.

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3 wellness essentials for the bedroom: Osea anti-aging body cream, Yoga scent by Saje Wellness and plants.

on rituals for waking up: I move slowly in the morning. I like waking up and enjoying a bit of time in bed before jumping out and starting the day. After I wake up I always drink a glass of water with either lemon or chlorophyll.

go-to breakfast: I am not the biggest breakfast person but when I am I tend to love a homemade breakfast burrito!

3 design essentials for the bedroom: Natural wood with a Danish Mid-century modern feel, neutral bed sheets and a large plant.

Favorite detail in the house: My favorite detail in the house would have to be the subtle brass features that elevate all the natural wood. I think the wood reflects the earth and the brass reflects the sun. I feel so balanced when I see the two side by side.

Any before bed rituals or tonics? I love drinking an herbal infusion before bed. I usually drink a cup of nettle or red raspberry that I brewed in the afternoon.

Best thing about life in Joshua Tree: I love the vast open space and crisp clean air, but there are so many amazing things about living out here away from the city.

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