We are happy to notice the boom in shops and brands that offer healthy whole and organic foods. While they seem to be popping up everywhere, we were nonetheless surprised to find this amazing organic bakery in the heart of Philadelphia.  Philly may be best known for it’s gooey cheesesteak sandwiches, but that all may change as folks discover the goodies from Pure Sweets.  Their kitchen is nestled in the East Falls neighborhood where Grace Kelly once lived as a child and sure enough, their organic goodies are fit for a princess.

Whether you’re a sucker for sweets or love to nosh on nutty trail mix, Pure Sweets has something healthy and whole for everyone.  We’ve asked Pure Sweets owner Andrea Kyan to provide us with a few inspirations for the ultimate baked goodies season: Mother’s Day!  After all those cookies your mother once baked for you, switch it around this year and provide a few insanely delicious and healthy baked treats for her.

Here are Andrea’s top picks for moms:

For the Mom Who Is a Chocolate-Lover:

The Kid bar: a surprise balance of childhood flavors and adult sensibility with 72% organic single-origin chocolate on top of organic peanut butter and blackberry preserves.

The Frog cookie: a hint of organic espresso melts into a pistachio cookie striped with dark chocolate.  Remember those magic shells we cracked into as kids while eating ice cream?  The Tasmanian spread is a modern version of the classic with melted dark chocolate and the finest organic virgin coconut oil.

For the Mom Who love Salty & Sweet:

The Moose: the perfect go-to snack and the perfect marriage between salted nuts and dark chocolate.  Think Nutella as a crispy candy bar.  The bars also have 10 grams of protein!

The Dingo: made of fresh salted almond butter with a hint of dark chocolate.  As a bonus, nibble on The Bat macaroon to end things on a spicy, yet chocolate filled, note.

For the Health & Waist-Conscious Mother:

Our mini macaroons are an easily digestible snack and many have used enjoyed them as they train for triathlons and marathons. These little macaroons refuel and satisfy sweet cravings without the crash and burn.

The Poodle (lemon lavender) and The Sphinx (rose water) are the lightest options at 60 calories each.  Another healthful snack are the Trail Mixes, such as The Anteater.  The organic wild blueberries and cranberries are perfectly tart and sweet in contrast to the richness of the organic nuts and seeds

For the Mother Who Likes things look as beautiful as they taste:

It’s hard not to be excited when working with fantastic ingredients and experimenting with new ideas.  Striping each Frog cookie uniformly or carefully placing lavender buds inside and on top of each Poodle macaroon is never tiresome.

The Lupo:  who can have enough ‘nocciolata’ in their lives?  Making our own nocciolata from the purest ingredients is very satisfying.  All spreads are contained in gorgeous jars from Germany that can be used over and over.


To celebrate Mother’s Day, Pure Sweets is offering one very lucky reader a shipment of 12 products of their choice!  Leave your comments below on your sweetest memory with mom and we’ll pick a winner to receive this sweet shipment!

Pure Sweets ships nation-wide and can be found at the retail locations listed on their site at puresweets.com

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  1. One of my favorite memories is picking wild berries with my mom. In the hottest part of summer we picked blsckberries, preserving most of them, plus eating some fresh for dessert. In the fall, we’d do the same with muscadines and scuppernogs! She’s a great cook, and I’ve gotten my sense of seasonal cooking from her.

  2. The smell of cookies baking — no matter where I am or what kind they are. This reminds me of my childhood and baking Christmas cookies with my mother every year. She allowed me to experiment, get covered in flour, and sneak the first baked gem off of each tray. I can only hope that my daughters think of sugar and spice…when they think of our baking adventures together and fondly remember that time that is so special.

  3. It’s move- in weekend, just before my freshman year of college, 300 miles away from home in Mobile, AL. My mother and I make the trip by ourselves, leaving dad and my siblings in Georgia. I’m a little anxious for what’s to come, going through all of my nervous habits the day before. But my mother knows me so well. She takes me to the market downtown and we buy ingredients for a fresh batch of key lime white chocolate cookies. Baking with her in that rented kitchenette as she gave me advice on life and being a woman was the perfect calm to my fears and a sweet treasure I’ll never forget.

    Sarah | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  4. Since I now live on the other side of the country from my darling mother, I just miss those mundane moments of running errands with her- picking up laundry, going to the pharmacy, grabbing a drink at a coffee shop with her. Just being close to her and feeling her warmth- those memories keep me going till the next time I see her.

    Ashley | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  5. You know, lately I think mainly of my mothers strength. She helped us all get through my father’s very grim battle with cancer (he’s now fully in remission!). There were many late night phone conversations where we discussed the sort of things in life that really matter. Her voice was (and always is) so reassuring and confident. I will never forget those phone calls and value the wisdom she passed on to me in those very difficult times.

    Erika | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  6. baking and cooking with my mom growing up. She raised me vegetarian and made from scratch so much healthy food that has given me the privilege of continuing in my 30s. Today we still have the best moments cooking together. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mom’s. xo

    Jodi Merenda | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  7. My sweetest memory is learning to make Polish “angel wings” cookies with my mom and grandma!

    Wehaf | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  8. It was the day when she showed up at my high school during lunch hour and whisked me away to a nearby bakery. We had sandwiches and cake and cookies and I never came back to school that day 😀 I think she wrote a note to my teacher saying I got sick or something….but we had the best time just sitting there and chatting!

    Elena V | 05.09.2012 | Reply
  9. My favorite memories with my mom were ones in which I saw her polished authority dissipate with the smell of warm Christmas cookies. Each time I saw her dip a finger in the bowl of raw cookie dough or nudge a half-baked one off the tray mid-baking I saw my mom as someone who was just as sugar-filled, and capable of being reshaped right before my eyes as the balls of dough that would take up an entire shelf in our fridge during the holidays. Other times, I’d sneak out onto our unheated porch, a chilly haven that allowed our fridge to stay full of the “normal,” “necessary” food, to sneak a chilled tassie or Spritz cookie only to find my mom sitting on a chair already munching away on a small pile cupped in her palm! During these moments, we were equals: just two cookie-loving, butter-craving girls.

    Kendra V | 05.10.2012 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 05.10.2012 | Reply
  11. I have been dreaming of my Grandma B’s homemade Ahoha Granola. She come up with the recipe on a trip to Hawaii. lots of coconut, nuts, and ginger. It’s a sweet treat, but it also reminds me of the great time my family has with her and all the love she has bestowed on her family.

    Betsy | 05.11.2012 | Reply
  12. My mom was not much of a baker but she would buy the prepackaged dough or brownie mix. We would help in the kitchen 🙂

    marybeth i | 05.12.2012 | Reply

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