TCM 12 Days Of Holiday Gifts: A Sustainable Subscription From Public Goods

Welcome to the eight day of our 12-Day Holiday Gift Guide! Join us daily for gifts we’re obsessing over, and an exclusive offer to shop for the season…

Public Goods has revolutionized the game when it comes to ordering healthy, sustainable goods online. Their huge range of super-affordable products and impressive quality from category to category, has made Public Goods a kind of breakthrough service for sustainable consumers. As a “Members Only” service, Public Goods can afford to keep prices low while keeping the quality of its own, eco-friendly label products uncompromisingly high. Even better, everything is packaged beautifully and minimally. The catch? There is literally none.

Public Goods’ 360 degree mission is to create a positive impact on the environment while serving up great-looking, affordable and convenient products and is why we’re excited to add them to TCM’s 12 Days of Holiday Gifts… 

THE GIFT: A Public Goods Subscription or a Public Goods Welcome Kit. For $59 a year (the first 14 days are free), Public Goods’ members have access to hundreds of clean, sustainably-packaged products to fill any kitchen pantry or bathroom shelf. We’re not joking around. You can truly find almost anything on Public Goods AND they keep expanding their offerings.

Right now, one less trip (or four) to the store means everything to us! 

Ranging from Tree-Free Toilet Paper and All-Natural Deodorant to Organic Gluten-Free Pasta and Extra Virgin Olive Oil, every single item from the brand comes to you carefully crafted with non-toxic, sustainably-sourced ingredients (that you can identify!)—all designed to look as good together as they do apart.

WHY WE’RE OBSESSED: Public Goods makes us feel like we’ve got it together. Help a friend or family member stock their pantry and storage closet full of artisanal goods with minimal-to-no effort!

More than ever, we’re honing in one-and-done experiences and subscriptions like Public Goods that allow us the freedom of getting everything we need delivered right to your doorstep in one fell swoop. Their canned goods look like they belong in an art exhibit, their cleaning products look almost too beautiful to use, and everything they produce is just as smart on the inside as it is on the outside. Safe and easy? Finally. We’re so in.

If you’re not usually the eco-friendly, health-focused person in your friend group, Public Goods makes it easy to become a more responsible, mindful consumer without thinking twice. This is the gift for that friend who cares about the environment, but also barely knows how to cook for themselves. Or the homeschooling parent who just wants a little relief from daily errands. 

Here’s the other thing that has us gushing: Most brands offering products at a lower price often leave us with a leaner selection or items that are out-of-date with current health and wellness trends. Not Public Goods. With items like Bone Broth Concentrate, Sustainably-Caught Tuna, Organic Cotton Tampons, and Non-Toxic Hand Soap, you can have your organic cake and eat it too. They even have Reusable Food Storage Wraps, which is just next level in our opinion.

WHY IT MADE THE GIFT GUIDE: At TCM, we love well-designed brands, products, and experiences. Public Goods had us at ‘Hello,’ but they kept us around with their wide array of products that span a multitude of categories—paper goods and cleaners, basic personal care, pantry staples—without compromising on organic, non-toxic ingredients that are good for the environment and your checkbook (do people still use these?).

A membership is practical enough to give to your mom to save her one more trip to the store (especially during 2020), and beautiful enough to give to your overly-curated friend, who needs everything in their home to match. Win-win!

Safe + Non-Toxic It seems obvious that your everyday essentials would be non-toxic. Unfortunately, many lower-cost, wholesale-type brands focus more on cutting costs, which means resorting to cheaper, synthetic ingredients that can compromise our health in the long-term. Public Goods makes an active effort to negate ingredients that look like they came out of a laboratory. Their household items and personal care products keep things clean, simple and natural, while their food items focus on organic, sustainably-sourced ingredients that are dietary restriction-inclusive.

Minimalist Design Yes, it’s totally normal to buy something just because you like the way it looks in your house—even a box of pasta. Public Goods takes a humble approach with their design, making their products as minimal as the ingredients they house. Once on the Public Goods website, it’s very easy to fall into a spiral of wanting everything you own to represent the brand because it is that versatile, that eye catching, and yet that unassuming.  

Socially Responsible Public Goods starts from the ground up when it comes to their business practices. In a 1:1 fashion, Public Goods donates to the Eden Reforestation Project to plant a tree for every member who joins while also preserving trees throughout their manufacturing process. They are also committed to reducing environmental waste by opting for sugarcane-based bioplastics instead of petroleum. Just when you don’t think there could be a kinder, more mindful brand, Public Goods gives back to a variety of charities centered around food equity, social justice, and the environment.

With what it costs to lead a healthy, sustainable, and low-waste lifestyle, it is no wonder that people are both overwhelmed and reluctant to lean 100% in without feeling like they’re sacrificing something. Public Goods is like that person (you know the type), who looks at you when you’re having a rough day, touches your shoulder, and says, “I’ll take it from here.”

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