Happy In The Kitchen: 9 Pretty Kitchen Tools To Use Everyday

Order delivery or whip up something in the kitchen? These pretty kitchen tools might just influence you to spend more time actually cooking and less time on those delivery apps.

Cooking at home with whole food ingredients means we’re much more likely to get major nutrition each week, a wider diversity of plants in our diet, and fewer ingredients that our bodies do better without. When time is limited, which it often is, turning to delivery or takeout is a dreamy short-term solution. But if you’re looking to build healthy habits that last, it’s important to put effort into enjoying the process of cooking for yourself.

For us, stylish little kitchen goods like these spark joy and keep us interested. Why not make great design a priority in the little daily chores of life? Whether that means this set of golden colanders or a simple gold clip rather than a chintzy plastic one, pretty kitchen tools can add a sense of delight to the smallest tasks and help us fall in love with cooking at home…


Brass ktichen Scissors | Yes, a great knife is key for kitchen success, but here’s a hot tip: you can do just about anything you’d use a knife for with a pair of kitchen shears instead. Cut fish, slice veggie noodles that are too long, snip herbs, chop a full head of romaine or open up that fresh package of kelp noodles in a flash. These sturdy stainless steel snippers offer an unexpected style moment with their matte brass finish  CHECK OUT
Bee’s Wrap Reusable Food Storage | These beeswax-coated cloths are hand-crafted in Vermont, washable, re-usable and entirely eco-friendly. The sheets can be molded to fit over any bowl or around any half-used produce, creating a seal that will keep your food fresh. This pretty kitchen tool will totally change the way you see leftovers — and provide a sustainable substitution for less-than-cute plastic wrap and aluminum foil.  CHECK OUT
Brass Utility Rail | This multi-purpose rack is a stylish way to save counter space and keep other kitchen tools organized. Line up a few pretty cooking tools, fill the rack full of clean fluffy dishtowels or use it to hang fresh herbs – snip a few for a fresh cup of tea while you clean up.  CHECK OUT
Brass office Clips |These simple office tools double as our favorite kitchen accessory — learn more about one of our favorite kitchen hacks here. Whether you’ve got a bag of grains that need re-sealing or a stash of veggie chips you’ll get back to later, a gold binder clip is a pretty, plastic-free way to seal and store. | CHECK OUT
Flared Teak Root Serving Bowl | Plain? Yes. Boring? No. Keep a giant bowl like this one on the counter and fill it with your farmers market haul from the weekend. We dare you not to eat more plants when they’re lounging around looking this good. CHECK OUT
simple Linen Apron |  You are what you eat, but what about how you prep? This rustic-chic linen apron gets the job done while evoking French countryside feels. Perfectly placed pockets make it easy to glide through prep, looking like you really know what you’re doing. We love the ritual of putting on an apron to signal to ourselves that it’s time to simply cook and unwind.  CHECK OUT
Brushed Gold Colander Set | Who says rinsing veggies and grains needs to be a purely utilitarian process? As functional as they are glam, these gold colanders are almost ridiculous, but guaranteed to make you smile. Even the most boring task can become a style moment. CHECK OUT
W&P Spice Grinder | This pastel porcelain spice grinder is a design dream. Grinding your own spices, from peppercorns to cardamom pods, ensures that you get all the benefits they have to offer. The nourishing oils in spices tend to dry up quickly in pre-ground form. Grinding spices yourself delivers major flavor and health-boosting properties — and provides a pretty style-moment if you’ve got one of these grinders on hand. CHECK OUT

wooden Pan Brush | Washing dishes doesn’t have to be chic. But, adding style points to the experience with this handcrafted pan brush just makes us happy. This brush gets in the grooves of any pan, making clean-up easy — and dare we say cute? Get one to stash by the sink and another to scrub down potatoes, carrots and other dirty roots.  CHECK OUT



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