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We all love that feeling of glowing health after a great workout. It’s the pre-workout feelings that thwarts so many of us. Whether you’re feeling lazy, distracted, unmotivated or simply out of sync with your normal routines, consider a joyful upleveling of the fitness accessories you rely on for a good sweat at home. The six simple tools below are wooing us into more workouts simply by being so damn cute! Do yourself a favor and trade in a worn out piece for something more colorful, modern and uplifting…

SUGAR MAT DREAM CATCHER YOGA MAT |Sugar Mat makes the most unexpectedly gorgeous travel yoga mats that fold up in little purses that fit in your luggage. We’re not traveling much lately, but laying out one of their full-sized yoga mats down at home has become the motivation we need to stop, drop and om. SHOP NOW

Lauren Roxburgh FOAM ROLLER | Lauren Roxburgh’s foam rollers, balls, and other tools all come in this light and energizing pattern we love. You can get a surprisingly rigorous workout on LoRox’s products — read all about the science here, but – perhaps even better – you can also put in minimal effort with a relaxing roll mid-day with surprisingly powerful mind-body benefits. SHOP NOW

Bala Bangles 1lb Ankle Weights | Bala makes the prettiest ankle weights around. Pick a color you love and keep them kicking around your living room or home office to motivate you to fit in reps between Zoom calls or put them to work during a full-on fitness session. SHOP NOW

BENND YOGA AYURVEDIC YOGA MAT | Bennd Yoga is the newest brand on our fitness accessories list. This brand is putting fabric yoga mats on the map with their sustainably-sourced naturals dyes like this one made with harda, turmeric and sappan wood. We’re obsessed with a few of their color combinations — almost too pretty to roll up and store away at the end of a flow. SHOP NOW

LULULEMON UPLIFT TRAINING GLOVES | Gloves have to be one of the most fun fitness accessories around. Nothing makes us feel as motivated or bas-ass as a pair of gloves like these from lululemon for lifting, boxing and beyond. SHOP NOW

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