Pressed Juicery's Hot Drinks

Hold on, everything about this coming winter has changed. Pressed Juicery just announced its launch of seven warm and healthy drinks at one exclusive NYC location in the Financial District (to start) and we’re about to hop on the first plane to the Big Apple to get in on it.

We use Pressed Juicery’s almond milk for lattes, smoothies and tonics almost everyday, so Pressed’s progression into the latte zone makes perfect sense to us. We’re also stoked on the idea of their classic spicy lemon water served as a hot, detoxifying tonic!

Here are the details on all seven of Pressed Juicery’s hot drinks. Which would you try first? We’re hoping these new hot drinks start popping up here in L.A. fast or we may have to consider relocating…

the Matcha latte | vanilla almond + antioxidant-rich matcha green tea – optional: espresso

Vanilla Almond Latté | almonds, dates, vanilla bean, sea salt + espresso

Maca Latté | vanilla almond + espresso + energizing maca root

Reishi Latté | vanilla almond + espresso + immunity-boosting reishi mushroom extract

Hot Immunity Tonic | apple, lemon, ginger, cayenne + immunity supplement

Hot Energy tonic | lemon, cayenne, filtered water + b-complex supplement

Head over to 100 Miaden Lane in NYC’s Financial District to try Pressed Juicery’s hot drinks!
Which have you tried? Which would you want to? Tell us what you think in comments below…

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