For lazy baes, brothers, husbands and the like, November provides the best excuse ever to set down that razor and let facial hair grow free. Since 2003, the Movember Foundation’s 30-day no-shave challenge has helped direct awareness to serious issues in men’s health — everything from depression to prostate cancer — and raise major funds to help fight the good fight.

This year, Pressed Juicery is joining the party with a limited-edition Movember almond milk your future smoothies won’t soon forget. The creamy blend contains almonds, dates, banana, almond butter, plant protein, cacao and vanilla. Additionally, PJ is donating $0.30 from each bottle sold to The Movember Foundation!

In honor of the collab, we’re also launching a new series here on TCM to showcase the wellness habits of Y-chromosome athletes, actors, founders and more — starting with the Movember Foundation’s co-founder, Adam Garone.

We would’ve guessed that this mustache-obsessed Aussie and army vet is a guy’s guy, but his version of wellness is gentle and balanced. He loves reading to his daughter and isn’t scared of a little vulnerability. His daily workouts include ‘mental fitness’ too, and his strict phone rules have us inspired to set some digital boundaries ourselves.

Learn all about The Movember Foundation, what they do and how to get involved HERE. Scoop up a PJ Movember milk, scroll through Adam’s answers and stay tuned for more man-centric wellness inspo coming soon…

Most surprising healthy daily ritual:

Talking about my moustache, of course.

What I typically eat in a day...

All day: fruit. Breakfast: Vegemite toast or smashed avo on toast and Rice Crispies. Lunch: salad with protein. Dinner: so many good things — seafood, chicken and lots of veggies.

Fav thing to cook for myself:

BBQ, Australian style (sorry no shrimp).

Daily necessity for balance/sanity:

Exercise and some yard work in my garden, which I find relaxing.

Best outlet for stress:

Being in the ocean and surfing.

Recently inspired by...

I recently interviewed my mate Mick for the relaunch of the Movember Podcast. Mick and I served together in the Australian Army way back, and he just got out after 28 years as a colonel with tours at Iraq and Afghanistan. His humility, devotion to service, leadership, bravery and compassion is truly remarkable.

How I get grounded:

I spend time with my daughter. It makes me realize how precious children are, how important it is to teach them and inspire them.

The most challenging aspect of healthy living...

Being vulnerable and talking about the big stuff going on in my life. Like a lot of men, I have kept my struggles to myself in the past because I didn’t want to burden my mates with my shit. I know this attitude is unhealthy and damaging, yet it’s so common.

My wellness philosophy in a sentence:

Your mental fitness is just as important as your physical fitness; you need to work on both every day.

Ingredients I avoid:

Sugar, gluten, eggs (damn allergies).

How I boost a low mood...

I take a break from whatever I’m doing. If I’m working on my computer, I get up and go for a walk or run. If I’m traveling, I work out. If I’m just at home, I go mountain biking in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Best tip for work-life balance is...

Create rules around using your phone for work. For example: Don’t use your phone as an alarm in the morning; otherwise, you wake up checking your work emails. Don’t respond to work emails and messages after hours unless there’s something urgent going on. If you reply consistently and instantly out of hours, it sets an unhealthy expectation. No phones in meetings! No phones at the dinner table!

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