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Pressed Juicery Hosts A Private Screening Of Little Birds
Our Corporate Sales Coordinator Alex loved Little Birds...and her Watermelon Mint!


Pressed Juicery Hosts A Private Screening Of Little Birds

Los Angelinos were in for a treat last night as they entered the Charles Aidikoff theater for a private screening of Elgin James’ new film, Little Birds.  Fueled by Pressed Juicery and SkinnyPop, the audience got cozy in their seats as James prepped them for a night of movie magic.  The filmmaker took the stage as the lights dimmed, shining a bit of insight onto the film and how it came to be.  Interesting fact: James was in a gang and went to prison while the film was being made.  This might have halted production, but it certainly gave him some ammo for the dark and complex subject material of Little Birds.

Pressed Juicery founder Hayden Slater and Little Birds producer Jamie Patricof were also in attendance, mingling with the crowd and sipping on some PJ faves: Watermelon Mint, Apple Lemon Ginger, and Detox 2.

Little Birds chronicles the story of friends Lily and Alison, who leave their Salton Sea home and follow a group of boys to Los Angeles.  Their lives change drastically throughout the course of the movie, and their friendship faces some new challenges as their journey unfolds.

Between the brilliant direction of James and the acting chops of Juno Temple, Kay Panabaker, Kate Bosworth, and Leslie Mann, this is a film you will NOT want to miss.  Hit up your local theater on August 29th for a movie-going experience unlike any other!

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