Raw Food Road Trip: Fresh In Topanga

Want to plan a road trip without leaving the city? We’ve found a secret gem hidden within Topanga Canyon’s rolling hills that every raw foodie in the city needs to know about!

What city dwellers doesn’t love an excuse to cruise down the lush and winding roads of Topanga Canyon to get a quick infusion of fresh air before plunging back into the concrete jungle? If the remainder of your summer schedule doesn’t allow for any country getaways or cross-country road trips, we recommend you plan this faux road-trip to the new Fresh In Topanga!

Topanga’s long-standing reputation as a mecca for hippies goes uninterrupted with this brand new raw cafe complete with farm shop and outdoor seating. Opened just this summer, we couldn’t wait to check out this hidden raw foodie hangout and we were not disappointed.  With it’s country store feel, Fresh In Topanga made us feel a million miles from La-La Land. Inside, the shop is lined with jars of local honey and a variety of fresh fruits and edible flowers. Outside, the patio sits flush with the rocky canyon walls.

All this simplicity is brought into balance with the fantastically complex raw menu. The menu if full of adaptogenic elixirs, raw hand rolls and superfood dessert bars. Chef Jeremiah Shattuck is, of course, the main attraction here. With a long history at some of LA’s best raw restaurants, Jeremiah has finally struck out on his own with Fresh In Topanga. His philosophy with food goes deep into what Jeremiah calls Medicinal Nutrition.  Returning to the States years ago after serving in the military, Jeremiah fought a battle for his life, suffering the effects of chemical warfare. He stumbled into the raw food lifestyle as a last resort after all else had failed. Needless to say, he experienced successful results treating himself with these pure and raw foods and now devotes himself to creating these masterful raw foods and sharing the message of medical nutrition with others.

Whether you’re a devotee of medicinal quality elixirs and foods yourself or have yet to venture that far beyond the salad bar, we highly recommend giving Fresh In Topanga a try. The fresh air will do you good and the culinary experience you’re in for once you arrive will be something to remember.

We recommend the chai-tea like ashwanga elixir, Da Kine rolls and the maca-infused Chocolate Velvet fudge!

For more information contact Chef Jeremiah for consultation or culinary instruction.

Fresh In Topanga, 1704 N. Topanga Cyn Blvd. CA 90290

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