As we say at The Chalkboard Mag, ‘Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.’ For Pressed Juicery, that something is teaching our community about the benefits of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables!

This month, Pressed Juicery kicks off its brand new program in partnership with Summerland Produce bringing fresh, organic fruits and veggies to a few of our LA neighbors who need it most. In our first visit to the Kendren Head Start Program in central Los Angeles, Pressed Juicery co-founder Carly Brien led the way, fully equipped with dozens of boxes full of fresh, organic Summerland Produce goodies for a gaggle of excited preschool children in the Head Start Program. Presenting boxes full of colorful oranges, lettuces, onions and other delicious kitchen staples was like opening a box full of new toys. At least, that was the effect we were going for! Passing out our most popular Pressed Juicery flavors and a slew of fun fruit and veggie flash cards helped the kids get involved, get excited, and try out veggies they may otherwise never try!

The Kedren Head Start Program provides integrated educational opportunities for over 2,000 small children and their families in the city of LA. By teaching kids to have fun with fresh, local foods and by providing their families with delicious, organic produce boxes, we hope to encourage healthy eating habits early and get families excited about cooking with whole ingredients. Each Summerland Produce box comes fully loaded with recipes, prep and cleaning tips, children’s flash cards and – of course – organic produce.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this new produce program and look forward to sharing stories of new friends, adventures and the healthfully growing community that we hope to build in the process!

Our Kids Juice Sampler will soon be available for purchase to include our kid-friendly flash cards! A portion of this popular gift set’s proceeds will contribute to our charity box program. Stay tuned!

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