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Stocking up on healthy essentials can be a challenge right now, but supporting our systems with immunity-boosting nutrients has never been more important.

Pressed Juicery is providing more home shipments and deliveries than ever before as most of us stay at home to do our part. We’re bringing Pressed Juicery to you by giving away an incredible delivery of fresh-pressed green juices, almond milks and wellness shots to three lucky readers…

+ Green juices to get your veggies in
+ Almond and oat milk for coffee, oatmeal and baking
+ Wellness shots to take daily to keep your immunity way up…

Enter for the chance to win!

Three lucky winners will receive $100 worth of Pressed Juicery’s most popular juices, milks and wellness shots delivered or shipped right to their doorstep! Winners will announced April 6 via email to arrange your Pressed Juicery delivery or shipment.

We’re in this together.

To enter, share your email below

This giveaway WAS CLOSED on April 6. Delivery or shipment is open to continental US residents and addresses only. Winners will be selected at random and have five days to reply by email before forfeiting their opportunity to win. By entering your email you are agreeing to receive really awesome content from TCM and more news from Pressed Juicery.

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  1. Trying to stay healthy is difficult during this time. Thank you!

    Phuong le | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  2. My daughter and I were just talking about drinking more green juice right now!

    Sandi | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  3. Thank you! Love the wellness shots!

    Keisha M. | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  4. haven’t tried these, sounds totally immune boosting and yummy!

    Melissa P. | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  5. Need

    Tola Akin | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  6. LOVE pressed juicery!!

    Chantelle | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  7. This is perfect.

    Nancy | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  8. Pressed is the best!

    Lisa | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  9. Absolutely LOVE… stay home to stay healthy friends 🙂

    carey | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  10. Yum! Thanks

    Shines | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  11. Thank you!

    Sylvie | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  12. Would love to try your lovely juice! It’s difficult being home all the time-I’m going to work on being as healthy as I can be!!

    Dawn Gustafson | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  13. Just the boost to help us thru this time

    LAURA TUMMINELLI | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  14. Grateful to you for offering Health!

    Rebeccs | 03.30.2020 | Reply
  15. Excellent products….we visit the local Santa Barbara store.

    Kathy Kosinski | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  16. Wonderful way to stay healthy during these times

    Chris Free | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  17. Great way to boost immunity.

    Corby Free | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  18. This sounds amazing more than ever!!! thank you

    shanna | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  19. Thank you! Fingers crossed!

    judy L Tiberi | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  20. Thank you! With having to close my business during COVID, this would be so nourishing & AMAZING to win!

    JAYA | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  21. So needed at this time!

    Chelsea | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  22. This would help myself and my family out so much during these times, thanks for putting this together!!

    Alice | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  23. Fingers crossed!

    loretta | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  24. looks great!

    beleebi | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  25. Great way to help out!! Thank you

  26. God Bless thank you for doing this

  27. YAY

  28. Haven’t tried Pressed Juicery yet, it all looks amazing!

  29. Crossing fingers – high risk since healing from double mastectomy for breast cancer and need this!

    Stephanie V. | 03.31.2020 | Reply
  30. Yummmm!

    mary | 04.01.2020 | Reply
  31. Thank you!

    Amanda | 04.01.2020 | Reply
  32. This is a great way to get nutrients and vitamins!


    Steve Weber | 04.02.2020 | Reply
  33. I have never had any of these products but they seem to be healthy and delicious.

  34. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Lisa Walker | 04.02.2020 | Reply
  35. Couldn’t hurt to eat things that are good for you when you are quarantined!

    Laura | 04.02.2020 | Reply
  36. This would be so convenient and healthy!

  37. This is such a great way to get your nutrients in and boost your immunity but, during these uncertain times, I think it’s even more important now more than ever! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

    Jamie R. | 04.03.2020 | Reply
  38. This is such a thoughtful giveaway during this uncertain time in life. Would love to win!

    Alexis | 04.05.2020 | Reply

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