When you imagine green superfoods, celery may not be the first veggie to come to mind. While kale has ruled as the king of greens over the past few years, straight celery juice has actually been ‘having a moment’ here in LA over the past couple of years. Believe it or not, from gut health to deep detox, drinking the juice of this unassuming veg every morning on an empty stomach can lead to some serious health perks.

We’re celebrating the launch of Pressed Juicery’s new celery juice – enhanced with a bit of alkalizing lemon – with a week long Celery Juice Challenge. The Challenge is simple: drink celery juice first thing in the morning every day for one week and see how you feel. Check in with yourself after five days and see if you’ve noticed any of the benefits of this ultra-simple, but effective detox and digestion support during your morning routine.

The health benefits of celery juice first dropped onto our radar thanks to the enigmatic intuitive healer, the Medical Medium. Other influential wellness pros, including Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Steven Gundry and holistic health coach Elissa Goodman, have supported celery juice as an effective health drink too: celery juice has a healing effect on the nervous system, helps clean our blood of health-inhibiting toxins, aids digestion and calms inflammation. Maybe the most crucial benefit is for our gut: celery can help the gut rebuild it’s own stores of hydrochloric acid which strengthens digestion and overall gut health.

Here are a few other reasons to drink celery juice daily…

6 Benefits of Celery Juice

Better digestion: Celery juice can help you rebuild HCL in your gut, which is crucial for fully digesting your food and absorbing important nutrients. Research also suggests that celery improves liver health, which can increase your body’s own detox capacities long term.

LIVER DETOXIFICATION: Celery’s detoxifying properties work to remove bad bacteria, fungi, mold, viruses and other toxins from the liver; the phytonutrients found in the green stalks also can have a protective effect.

NERVOUS SYSTEM SUPPORT: Celery is a powerhouse for supporting the nervous system. It has a calming effect on the nervous system because of its detoxify properties. It also provides support through its ability to act as a blood purifier.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: Celery contains luteolin, a potent flavonoid, that can act as an antioxidant and calm inflammation.

THYROID CLEANSING: According to Medical Medium, Anthony William, the mineral salts in celery may help to fight and cleanse the body of the Epstein-Barr virus, particularly in the thyroid. Celery can also help to boost production of important thyroid hormones in those with hypothyroidism.

HEART HEALTHY: Studies have shown that celery extract consumption can help to prevent stroke, lower blood pressure, and reduce plaque in arteries.

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  1. This life changing celery juice information is from Anthony William.

  2. Like the writer above I would like to make the point that Anthony William has recommended drinking celery juice for at least the last 20 years or so. That is where the information about celery juice comes from and he should therefore be given credit for it.

    Cecilia | 07.19.2018 | Reply
  3. This is awesome! So excited your putting this out there. You should give the option without lemon though. It works better. I have been doing it every morning for two years now! I dont think I will ever stop!

    Monika | 07.19.2018 | Reply
  4. For those of us in the Medical medium Community who have been following his information and healing from chronic illness for YEARS…. this is a double edged sword. On the one hand, we like Anthony, want to spread the word about the healing powers of celery juice. On the other hand, since his gives his info so freely without any financial stipulations- it seems an injustice that you would profit from his info and spread his word without giving him proper credit.

    Jennifer | 07.19.2018 | Reply
    • Hi Jennifer, we’re obsessed with this celery juice! And we love the medical medium. Anthony also recommends eating apples or buying certain supplements – none of which he sells himself. So many of us in our community are juicing celery daily and this bottled version from Pressed makes it easier – we think Anthony would be into it!

      The Chalkboard | 07.19.2018 | Reply
      • I think it is important if possible to give credit to the idealists around the world. At the same time I love pressed juicery as they actually create products which are ‘as far as possible’ helpful, positive and health promoting. In an ideal world I have fresh celery juice, wheat grass on a daily basis. But my world is not that ideal – there are moments when work, obligations and plain old tiredness gets in the way. In those moments I am so happy that companies like Pressed Juicery are around – they are a real life safer! Please give credit to them. They don’t need to spread the word about others either and they do… freely… I learned so much positive things on this blog – and yes, most of it I do not need when I am in Forrest Monastery meditating… and being surrounded by woods, fresh air, water… more than a Sarong and a smile I seem never to need than. But back in the Western world – I love that companies are going out of their way to produce concious products.

        Danae | 07.20.2018 | Reply
  5. No, he would not approve of bottled celery juice! It needs to be fresh! Heard him say that many times!

    Marianne | 07.19.2018 | Reply
  6. Have not made it yet in my juicer,but it will be the first thing I make tommorow morning! How many
    ounces??I take a natural thyroid medication from my functional medical Dr, and wonder if I should
    juice right after taking it in the morning??

    ALEXIS FRY | 07.20.2018 | Reply
  7. It appears that Pressed Juice has VERY limited delivery range, maybe West Coast only? Any alternatives for the East Coast crew (aside from making fresh juice daily of course)?

    Megan | 07.20.2018 | Reply
  8. can we add chia seeds to the celery juice? will it have the same effect?

    janis | 07.23.2018 | Reply
  9. I know I’m late to comment on this but celery juice (per Anthony) has to be consumed fresh-within the first 24 hours (at most)-immediately is best.
    If using the storage option, make sure to seal it in a mason jar, and store in the fridge. I think PJ is doing their best to spread the word BUT doing it the right way makes it beneficial to all.


    Laurie | 09.15.2018 | Reply
  10. Pressed Juicery is cold pressed. Very different than a regular juicer which is what I assume is what you are talking about when you start talking about mason jars. Hope this helps.

    Sarah | 09.25.2018 | Reply
  11. It’s like springtime in a glass! Just love it! Thanks for this idea and all of the info! Great job you guys 🙂

    Sarah | 09.25.2018 | Reply
  12. similar benefits from celery using a Vitamix ? or no?
    I do not have a juicer but use my Vitamix daily.

    diana v. | 11.14.2018 | Reply
  13. I have been drinking ACV and Lemon water first thing in the AM. Ok to drink it 15 minutes after celery juice?

    Margaret Watson | 11.21.2018 | Reply
  14. i have had celery juice for months with or without food and I have had diarrhoea up to 7 times a day. Should I stop? Whats going on?

  15. Have done the celery cleanse for 1month,would it be sufficient to do on a weekly basis after that first month?

    kathy george | 02.20.2019 | Reply
  16. So, I’m vegan and started doing the celery juice every morning. I’m on day 21 and see no changes in anything at all. I will stay on it until day 30 and then drop it like a hot potato. Maybe if you have bad nutrition or health you will see some difference but for me, absolutely no difference in anything at all.

    teresa | 03.12.2019 | Reply
  17. Thanks for your thoughts Teresa, I too am Vegan and am thinking about doing the celery clense, if not for anything else, just for the healthy idea of it rather than my daily smoothie..

    Charlene | 03.12.2019 | Reply
  18. I had someone tell me that celery is one of most highly absorbent vegetables of toxins in the air and ground and if you don’t get it organically grown, it can do the opposite of cleansing your body.

    Debbie | 04.25.2019 | Reply

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