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It’s hot, you’re bothered and the last thing you want to do is squeeze into a sports bra, never mind actually workout. We’ve all been there and we all have our own ways to inspire movement when we just cant deal.

Comedienne, writer, producer, actress and overall entertainment powerhouse, Mindy Kaling is our kind of girl. While beauty and wellness are things she puts great thought into, she’s never too serious about itAs Guest Editor a couple years back, we asked the new star of the all-female cast Ocean’s 8 about her favorite way to workout and she told us this: “If I could do one workout for the rest of my life, it would be a 2 – 3 mile run followed by a Pop Physique class. Running clears my mind and releases anxiety. Pop makes me feel flexible and strong. It is super hard and uses many ballet moves. I always pretend I’m Natalie Portman in Black Swan while doing it.” Um, we’d love to see that.

We also asked Mindy to share her craziest health tip – one that actually works – and she shared this gem with us:

“When I run I pretend I’m chasing down the man who killed my gorgeous husband on our wedding day, and it almost always motivates me.”

We’re guessing she’s been putting this killer health tip to good use in the run-up to all those Ocean’s 8 premieres. On screen and off, we love Mindy for infusing humor into her approach to so many things women can relate to. From fave supplements and juices and health trends she’s way over, get more from our fave, Mindy Kaling here.

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