Are you that girl who hates drinking water? There seems to be one in every bunch. No judgement, but a girl’s got to hydrate for glowing skin and, well, everything pertaining to your health and well-being. Forget Chinese herbs, forget green juice–if you’re not hydrating with good old h2o, then you’re skipping the ultimate step on the road to living well.

We get that it can be tiresome to drink your weight in spring water each day, so we’re styling the whole process up for you. These gorgeous ice spheres are pure Pressed Juicery Aloe h2o laced with a few fresh mint leaves. We’re definitely drinking more water since we’ve started stocking these in the office fridge.

We’re all about those ice cubes lately. Maybe we’re inspired because all the coolest restaurants in L.A. are using them in their cocktails or maybe it’s general popsicle fatigue (is that possible?), but we’re all about the glowing blocks and spheres of frozen juice and water.

Here are a few sweet little ideas for using these cubes:

don’t be a square:
We’re obsessed with all the unusual ice molds on the market right now – giant cubes, bottle-ready stick…. We used these ice molds to make the aloe vera ice spheres here and they couldn’t be prettier.

We know we said to hydrate, but…
How dope would these ice spheres be in a good old Tom Collins cocktail? Swap the aloe water for lemon water and you’re all set for tall, gorgeous cocktails that will impress summer houseguests.

hydration upgrade:
Aloe and mint are beautiful, but they also add a few great health benefits to your water. Aloe soothes digestion, which always benefits your skin too. Mint soothes, cools and also has vitamin c, copper, manganese.

Self-care doesn’t always mean taking a spa day or week away, sometime self-care is as simple as making yourself super-fancy ice cubes for that ever-present water glass on your desk. Add these mint-aloe cubes to your water at work all day – on a Wednesday. Just because you can.

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