Prince + Princess Lattes: Superfood Tonics For A Coffee-Less Morning

We’re adding all kinds of crazy ingredients to our coffee these days – things like grass-fed butter and collagen powder. But we’re also mixing it up with coffee “alternatives” thanks to tips from pros like Kerrilynn below.

Kerrilynn Pamer is co-founder of NYC’s CAP Beauty. Just like her shop’s shelves, Kerrilynn has knowledge that extends far beyond just  topical beauty alone, including these beautifying, life-enriching lattes. These drinks are just the latest in a series of drinkable wonders she’s shared with us (check out this and this.) Use the body system, pair up, and skip that cup of joe with these his and hers “lattes”…

Four Sigma Foods, known for their extensive mushroom and superfood knowledge, has created new blends targeting specific concerns for the superfood-curious. Princess, a combination of dong quai, mucuna pruriens and maca raises energy levels and helps with PMS and menopause and regulates women’s hormones to their natural state of peace and balance. Prince is the blend you want to have on hand for increasing manhood and supporting muscle growth. This blend has a high-performing combination of muira puama, mucuna pruriens and maca that supports and stimulates man-power.

Keep these blends in your ever-growing superfood cabinet and incorporate them into your life daily. By taking these consistently over the course of your life you’ll begin to see subtle yet powerful changes occur. At CAP Beauty we believe that the ritual of sitting down and taking care of yourself can be as powerful as the actual foods, so take some time to treat your body and mind to some love. You deserve it.

The Prince and the Princess from Four Sigma Foods are blends that can be added to your beverage of choice (our choice being an amazing superfood latte). Try this latte for whenever you need a little boost. But if you’re like us, it might sneak its way into your daily ritual in no time.

Four Sigma Prince + Princess Lattes


1 ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk (preferably homemade if you have the time)
1 tsp Four Sigma Prince or Princess Superfood Blend
1 Tbsp coconut butter
1/2 Tbsp Tocos
½ tsp ground vanilla
1 ½ tsp turmeric
½ tsp cinnamon


Heat all the ingredients over medium in a saucepan. Once warm, pour into blender and blend until frothy. Transfer to cup and garnish with cinnamon.

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