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Power Down: 8 Superfood-Packed Post-Workout Snacks
Cool Comfort: Lemon Myrtle

Lemon myrtle, whether in tea form or used topically, is a powerhouse when it comes to keeping you healthy so you can perform your best, in and out of the gym. The key ingredient in lemon myrtle, citral, is what’s responsible for lemon myrtle’s amazing benefits: it is cellulite-reducing, non-acidic, immunity-boosting, anti-fungal and can even relieve headaches and fevers. Plus, it is super-hydrating, can improve concentration and help you hone healthy sleeping habits. Stash a bottle of Pressed Juicery's Lemon Myrtle Tea in your gym bag to help you hydrate and calm down post-workout!



best pre workout and post workout snacks

You already know to guzzle coconut water for electrolytes after a long run and pump up the protein after lifting those weights. But when it comes to pre and post-workout snacks, we often forget just how many superfoods there are that can keep us fit and fabulous long after we leave the gym. Looking to shake up your stash of workout-friendly foods? Here are some pre and post workout snacks that contain unique ingredients to get you up and running – then fuel the burn all throughout your day!

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