Need some real-life inspiration to follow your huge, life-changing dreams? Look no further than Emily Greener. This visionary came to Los Angeles knowing she wanted to create a media platform to influence the world, but little did she know just how far her bold personality and her big ambitions would take her. Fast-forward a few years, and Emily is now co-founder and CEO of I AM THAT GIRL, a global movement inspiring girls to be, love, and express who they are through education, content and community.

The I AM THAT GIRL (and yes, it’s in all-caps because it’s a statement deserving of a proclamation!) website is chock-full of empowering content created both by and for users like the video campaign above. Yet what blows our minds is the fact that Emily and her crew (which includes our guest editor, the radiant Sophia Bush) have taken the IATG movement off-line into communities all over the world, motivating girls from SoCal to South Africa to live the lives they were meant to lead, judgement-free. The IATG local chapters provide a safe, fun place for girls to express their thoughts freely and realize that yes, we are all on the same team.

As with any project or business, great change begins with great leadership. Learn how Emily leads by example by staying positive, self-loving, balanced and inspired in all she does…yep, she is That Girl.


Emily Greener.

I can’t start my morning without…

I get my creative juices flowing by…

Being in nature.

My favorite way to take a break is to...

Play my saxophone (a brand new hobby and something I’ve always wanted to do).

Daily necessities:

Meditation, exercise, healthy food and laughter!

Best tactic for staying calm under fire:

Deep breaths.

Fave way to detox:

I love going to the Korean Spa.

Fave way to refuel and replenish energy:

A dance party!

Stress-busting ritual:

Jumping in the ocean.

My favorite self-love strategy:

I look in the mirror every day. I look until I see myself beyond my face and my body. And I usually end it with a kiss just for me.

How do you find rest in a chaotic schedule:

I make sure to prioritize the balance between my work and personal life. Working smarter, not harder has been my big lesson this year.

Advice I would give my 16 year-old self:

Let yourself fall in love and be vulnerable.

Biggest inspirations:

My I AM THAT GIRL family.

Current mantra:

To love myself is to love all of me, both the light and the dark.

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