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Power Down: 8 Superfood-Packed Post-Workout Snacks
Sweet Escape: Dates

Dates are an amazing source of glucose, fructose and sucrose, which is why they are ideal when it comes to boosting your energy or improve athletic performance in a healthy way. At the same time, polyphenols in dates can ironically lower a spike in the blood's glucose levels after eating starches, meaning your blood sugar won't be on a roller coaster after utilizing them to energize your exercise. Try Papa Steve's No-Junk Bars  -  we especially love the apple cinnamon ones for a pre-workout boost.



best pre workout and post workout snacks

You already know to guzzle coconut water for electrolytes after a long run and pump up the protein after lifting those weights. But when it comes to pre and post-workout snacks, we often forget just how many superfoods there are that can keep us fit and fabulous long after we leave the gym. Looking to shake up your stash of workout-friendly foods? Here are some pre and post workout snacks that contain unique ingredients to get you up and running – then fuel the burn all throughout your day!

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