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Power Down: 8 Superfood-Packed Post-Workout Snacks
Go Nuts: Mesquite

Stress-busting walnuts are a superfood on their own - so adding mesquite to them creates a post-workout snack fit for a superhero. Mesquite is a blood sugar stabilizer - meaning it can keep your appetite and energy levels in check, helping you steer clear of those office doughnuts or candy jar on the desk as the day goes on. What's more? These walnuts by Superfood Snacks are laced with maple - meaning they're sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without making you crave more than you need.



best pre workout and post workout snacks

You already know to guzzle coconut water for electrolytes after a long run and pump up the protein after lifting those weights. But when it comes to pre and post-workout snacks, we often forget just how many superfoods there are that can keep us fit and fabulous long after we leave the gym. Looking to shake up your stash of workout-friendly foods? Here are some pre and post workout snacks that contain unique ingredients to get you up and running – then fuel the burn all throughout your day!

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