The most Memorable bridesmaid in the world, Pippa Middleton, caused a frenzy when her tush took the spotlight at her sister’s royal wedding. Now that Pippa is newly engaged herself (just last week!) we can’t help but wonder what she’ll be wearing down the aisle, and the thought stirs fresh fitspiration.

We asked celebrity trainer, David Kirsch, to give life to our bum-centric fitness interests and he provided the simple, but intense workout below. Kirsch, who trains other A-listers with famous assets from Jennifer Lopez to Heidi Klum, is one of the industry’s go-to guys when it comes to sculpting the perfect derriere. Try his arse-kicking exercises below, and grab his new book, Ultimate Family Wellness, for more of his well-rounded fitness tips…

Plié Toe Squats with Lateral Raises
Work your butt, inner thighs, abs and shoulders, all at the same time. Very economical!

Squat: Start with a wide-stance squat and hold a pair of dumbbells (or water bottles) at your sides.

Raise heels: Simultaneously raise your heels and squat – thighs should be parallel to the floor -and lift your arms out to the side.

Do fifteen repetitions.

Single Leg Deadlifts
Tone and sculpt your inner thighs, while shaping your butt, with this balance-challenging exercise.

Bend in half: Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Balancing on your right leg, bend at the waist and reach your left hand down to your right foot; extend your left leg straight behind you.

Stay square and stand: Keep both hips square (i.e., facing down) during the movement. Return to the starting position. That’s one rep.

Perform fifteen repetitions on each leg.

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