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We love crystal healer, meditation guide and reiki master Mariah K. Lyons’ perspective on each full moon this year. Get Mariah’s take on this month’s tumultuous pink Super Moon in Scorpio below… 

Pink Super Moon in Scorpio – April 26, 2021

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE… The Full Moon on April 26th at 8:32 pm PST is a Supermoon in the water sign Scorpio. It is a “Pink Super Moon” as the moon will be closer to the Earth at a distance of 222,211 miles. This potent number in numerology also energetically speaks to the significance of this moon. 2+2+2+2+(1+1=2) = 10, which is a “1.” 1 represents a new cycle, which this moon is helping us to create.

The “Pink” comes from the Old Farmer’s Almanac which speaks to the springtime blooms in this time of year. It signifies the aspect of new life which is bursting forth into the world. Scorpio brings the energy of death and rebirth, signaling an aspect of life in which things must come to an end in order for a new life to awaken and blossom.

The Full Moon is in opposition to the Taurus Stellium, with three planets in the sign of Taurus, the sun in Taurus, Mercury, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith. This energy is creating a powerful placement for massive change and transformation. If you have been feeling the need for certain changes in your life, this transit brings forth a feeling of “the time is now.”


Release, Renewal, Rebirth

What have you been longing for? What has come to completion? In this time of renewal, it becomes important to really get clear on where you want to go, what you want to experience, and who you want in your life. This is the time of letting go of the past, unhealthy habits and thoughtforms, and deciding what you truly want. As we head into a season of intense astrological transits, change is upon us on both a macro and micro scale, and we all have the decision in this “now” moment of how/what we want to create.

HOW YOU MAY FEEL… Lethargic, Dreamy, Determined. The intense energy of Scorpio can call us into the depths of our souls, asking us what we are deeply longing for and desiring in our life. You might feel more tired and reflective.

There is also much physical release and renewal that is happening and, oftentimes, with change can come feelings of overwhelm or exhaustion.

Pay attention to your body and any messages you may be receiving. Perhaps it is time to start a new workout routine or change up your diet, simply pay attention and take heed to what is showing up. Take it easy, though, you are releasing and shedding. More rest, water and greens.

EXCELLENT TIME TO… Spend some time near or in water, allowing the Scorpio element of water to help “cleanse” the past and help to renew and refresh. EFT tapping, journaling, breathwork, meditation and vision work can be incredible tools in this window for both release and rewiring your neural pathways.

As the moon is fully lit up, it is ‘illuminating’ our innermost wishes, so let yourself play with the energies of this Full Moon in dreaming up the world you wish to create for yourself. The cycle of death/rebirth is potent in creation, use this energy to finally put to rest what no longer is needed and create the space for the new!

My book Crystal Healing for Women contains a potent meditation called “Inner Reflection and Reinvention Ritual,” that is supportive in times of change and transformation.

JOURNALING PROMPT… What can I no longer avoid? What am I no longer resonating with? What lessons did I learn from that experience/person/place etc?

Can I honor where I have been and where I am going? How can I support my body in this time of change? What am I deeply longing for? What is calling me forward now? What is the experience of “new” life I am ready to call in? What new habits or thoughtforms are needing to support the manifestation of my deepest dreams and desires?

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