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    Get pretty – but be beautiful! Along with our March Guest Editor’s go-to beauty and skincare brand, Beautycounter, we’re giving away one set of oh-so-luxurious Beautycounter face oils and a dozen of Pressed Juicery’s most skin-beautifying juices! Get that inner and outer glow simultaneously, just in time for spring. Here’s how…

    In the past, we’ve loved learning about your love story and festive spirit, so we decided to once again enlist the help of Pinterest to find out what’s beautiful in your world. What does beauty mean to you? Tell us all about it with your own Pinterest board for a chance to win the Beautycounter Lustro Face Oil Collection: three luxurious, uniquely scented face oils we simply adore. You’ll also score a sampler of skin-revving Pressed Juicery juices, rounding out this pretty package at a total value of $275.

    Your beauty-filled board can include anything you like: a quote that makes you glow, an image of your favorite gorgeous getaway, a photo of your friends laughing together, your ultimate style icon …it’s up to you, beauty! Here’s how to score these truly radiant winnings…

    Win Our #BeautyOnTheBoard Pinterest Giveaway

    Step 1: Find us on Pinterest

    Find us on Pinterest at The Chalkboard Mag and Beautycounter. Be sure you are following both! 

    Step 2: Sign up for our newsletters

    Stay updated with the latest from The Chalkboard Mag and Beautycounter by signing up for both newsletters (subscribe to the Beautycounter newsletter at the bottom right hand corner of their home page here). Be sure to sign up for both newsletters to be eligible to win!

    Step 3: Build Your Board

    Create a Pinterest board titled #BeautyOnTheBoard. Fill your board with images depicting what beauty means to you! Be sure to include at least 2 pins from our #BeautyOnTheBoard board to be eligible to win. Re-pins and uploaded images are allowed. Get creative – beauty comes in all shapes, styles and sizes! 

    Step 4: Share Your Board With Us!

    Once your board is complete, enter the giveaway by leaving a link to your board in the comments below.

    All that’s left is to swipe on your favorite lip color, don your most dashing dress and cross those beautiful fingers of yours! Good luck, readers!

    Keep your eyes peeled for the winning announcement: this giveaway will close March 21, 2014 at 5 p.m. P.S.T. Open to U.S. residents only. 

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    1. I did every step except your #beautyontheboard is not found 🙁

    2. Beautycounter! You are a BEAUTIFUL BLESSING in my life! Pinning to live clean, healthy & happy

      Cynthia | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    3. Thank you for this opportunity. I love clean living and its great you exist. theboard

      Marsha | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    4. Thanks for all that you do and offer to your consumers! Beauty overlaod:

      Jessica | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    5. I have recently began a more natural skin care program (african black soap and indian clay masks) and my skin has not loved me more for it! Thank you for this opportunity and I love your mission.

      Christian S | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    6. Beauty is timeless; beauty has trends but trends keep returning for a reason. Taking care of yourself is key to establish beauty on the inside and the out. Very thankful for this opportunity.

      Stephanie Brin | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    7. What an amazing contest. It really made me think about what’s important to me in my life and what my definition of beauty is. Thank you.

      Lara | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    8. Thank you so much! In the past year, natural, clean make up has made all the difference for me.

      Maria F | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    9. Love this contest! Time to show what we all believe beauty to be!

      Thanks for this opportunity

      Monica | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    10. Robin | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    11. beauty is so subjective, so it is really inspiring to see how the definition of this word changes from person to person! here is the link to my board:

      Lindsay | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    12. Loved making this board! It was really inspiring to decide with I considered beautiful! I love Beautycounter’s mission and enjoy getting the Chalkboard Mag updates on my Facebook and Pinterest! Way to get the word out about how you can be healthy, safe, and beautiful!

      Kelly McGinnis | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    13. Hannah | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    14. Mer Hilton | 03.13.2014 | Reply

      Testing out the BeautyCounter products right now! What a great contest!!!

      Kim Louis | 03.13.2014 | Reply

      I’ve been dying to get my hands on some juice and I’ve been on a bit of a beauty spree lately. Switching all my products to cruelty free and natural. This helps put my pinning to the test! Love this.

      Katie | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    17. #BeautyIs… family, health, vitality, confidence, radiance, success, passion for what you do. The list is endless!

      Link to board:

      Lacey Young | 03.13.2014 | Reply
    18. I love making this board more beautiful. So excited for the giveaway!!!

      Link ♥

      elena | 03.14.2014 | Reply
    19. What a wonderful idea for a contest. So much fun and I can continue to add to my personal version of what beauty means to me and my family.

      Cheryl Italia | 03.14.2014 | Reply
    20. I have been working hard lately to use cleaner skin care products and, for a while, I have been wanting to sample some juices. What a fantastic contest!

      Bunny Hinzman | 03.14.2014 | Reply
    21. Colleen Boudreau | 03.14.2014 | Reply
    22. I really, really hope to win!! Would love to try some Beautycounter oil.. my poor skin is solo dry here in Denver. xoxo -L

      Lana L | 03.15.2014 | Reply
    23. Had so much fun finding images that speak beauty to me, from women to men, to places, and beyond.

      Jasmin | 03.15.2014 | Reply
    24. Loved creating this beautiful board representing the natural beauty of life!

      Liz Killin | 03.16.2014 | Reply
    25. Marie Muckey | 03.16.2014 | Reply
    26. This board was so much fun to create!

      Ginny | 03.16.2014 | Reply
    27. Jennifer howard | 03.17.2014 | Reply
    28. Meredith H. | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    29. I hope that you love my board describing what beauty means to me.

      allyson becker | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    30. What a great giveaway! I can’t wait to keep adding beautiful pins to my beauty board 🙂

      Jessica Flatley | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    31. Ingrid Franczek | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    32. great idea for a contest! Enjoy!

      Holly | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    33. Holly | 03.18.2014 | Reply
    34. Kelly Yu | 03.19.2014 | Reply
    35. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and that what I love about the life I live. My pinterest board shows a variety of beauty. Thank you for the chance! I had fun creating my board:

      Serena Adkins | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    36. Beth Lackey | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    37. Kalyani N | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    38. I find beauty in so many parts of my life!

      Sarah Albrecht | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    39. Thank you for this most generous and luxurious giveaway! xoxo
      My board:

      kellie rose wilson | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    40. Love this contest! Beauty means both natural and man-made items.

      Julie P. | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    41. Here’s to strong and beautiful women. Past, present and future.

      Karin | 03.20.2014 | Reply
    42. Alanna | 03.21.2014 | Reply
    43. Kate Finn | 03.21.2014 | Reply
    44. Hi! The theme of my board is “there are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.” To me, beauty is happiness [and happiness is a day spent reading the chalkboard mag, sipping on a Greens 2, with a sun hat and some beauty counter peppermint lip balm ;)]. Thank you so much for considering me. xx Jordyn

      Jordyn Jacobs | 03.21.2014 | Reply
    45. Here are the things I love, which are really not “things” at all, but rather a state of being. I hope that my board expresses my love for nature, heritage, travel, health and beauty in all it’s forms. Thx!

      Mamavalveeta03 | 03.22.2014 | Reply
    46. Who won?!

      Lacey Young | 03.24.2014 | Reply
    47. We loved everyone’s boards – congrats to our winner, Stephanie Brin!

      The Chalkboard | 03.24.2014 | Reply
      • So very lucky for this opportunity! Thank you so much. 🙂 Everything will be put to great use.

        Stephanie Brin | 03.24.2014 | Reply
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