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Match your mani to your shoes? Maybe. Match it to your sun sign? Absolutely. Whether you refuse to commit to a color for more than a moment or can’t stay seated long enough for that fresh coat to dry, maybe your planetary alignment is to blame.

Scroll down and discover why your boss loves her nail art and why your bestie goes in for that paraffin treatment every time. We’ve got a non-toxic nail color for every sign…

Aries | Red + Glossy
As a freedom-loving fire-sign defined by passion, intensity and exuberance, bright red is your mani’s astro-assigned destiny. We know you’re not afraid of a little attention, and a shiny top coat ensures just the right amount of it. We also know that relaxing isn’t your strong suit — but go ahead and take the longer hand massage while you’re in the chair.

Our Pick: Treat Collection ‘Black Tie’

TaurusDusty Green
You’re independent and like to think for yourself — and love to let others know it; green offers just the right amount of quirky without going over the top. It’s also the color of money, because we all know you love a little luxury, and the color of the heart chakra, because you’re like, super affectionate. Whether forest green, mint green or dollar green, a dusty version of any of these is a soothing selection for this sensitive earth sign.

Our Pick: tenoverten ‘Liberty’

Nothing is ever one-toned for this dualistic sign, a quality that makes life interesting but makes picking a nail polish literally impossible. As a gemini, you love attention and live for novelty, but ridiculous nail doodles or glitter gimmicks? Please. Go for something outgoing yet balanced, like the ombre purple mani pictured above. 

Our Pick: Kure Bazaar ‘Chloe’

CancerThe File-Down
We know you can get a little emotional, but please don’t take it out on your nails! Next time you’re up for a mani, go for a short cut you can’t bite down in a fit of feels. Of course, you didn’t come here for unsolicited self-care advice; you came here for a nail color you can love and stay loyal to, in which case a deep, pensive purple is just what the cosmos called for.

Our Pick: tenoverten ‘Maiden’

Leo | Toasty Orange
You’re warm, creative and comfortable at the center of attention. The stars say toasty orange for you, leo! They also say you’re a talker, so pile on the mani treatments. It’ll buy you plenty of time talk the day away with the person pampering your paws, and guarantee you’ll leave with a luxe mani you can be proud of (in classic leo form).

Our Pick: tenoverten ‘Cliff’

Virgo | Matte Mocha
Stop organizing the wall of nail polishes, sit down, and enjoy a little downtime, Virgo. If anyone can appreciate the precision of a professional manicure, it’s you, so why not make it a regular treat? Your methodical mind will love you for the new routine.  As for color? A matte mocha is perfect for this modest earth sign.

Our Pick: tenoverten ‘Lexington’

Libra | Pastel Rose
You’re all about classic beauty and harmony. You’re also a sign of conflicting qualities (who knew someone could be messy and organized?), so chose something that lands in the poised middle ground — or else you might drive yourself insane going back and forth. Bright or basic? Neutral or trendy? The planets’ recommendation comes from tenoverten’s new spring collection, to give you that perfectly balanced, fashionable and classy flair your simply can’t resist.

Our Pick: tenoverten ‘Madison’

Scorpio | Almond Shape
Scorpio, you’re sharp-witted, sassy AF and we love it — go with a sexy almond shape for a style that’s literally edgy. Your sign is all about power, intensity and a sexy factor that simply cannot be tamed. Flaunt what you’ve got with a broody red nail color like ‘Bordeaux’ that’s as bold and mysterious as you are.

Our Pick: Deborah Lippmann ‘Single Ladies

Sagittarius | Naked + Nourished
Bare nails, do you dare? Open-minded and optimistic sagittarius does, especially if it means freedom from having to stick yourself to one color (though a gorgeous nude will do the trick too). We know you’re not into criticism, but chances are all your free-spirited adventuring has left your hands in need of some extra love. Go for a nourishing wrap, scrub or soak while in the salon.

Our Pick: Indie Lee Grapefruit Citrus Nutrient Oil

Capricorn | Black-Ish
Capricorns like to keep it classic, but also tres cool. Black is the coolest, obviously, but a warm hued black-ish is even better, especially because your sign can come off as a little intense and cold in first impression. Just like you, blackish is grounded and stylish but also tastefully reserved; after all, you don’t like to put all your cards on the table (but damn your nice your nails look holding them).

Our Pick: Kure Bazaar ‘Chocolat’

Aquarius | White on White
This candid and creative air sign has nothing to hide and isn’t afraid of a blank slate. Paint your nails the color of the cloud you live on: all white offers aquarius-flavored boldness aka one that stands out on its own terms. Looking for symbolism and deeper meaning here? Of course you are. White represents truth, because you’re bad at lying, because you always say what you mean and we love you for it.

Our Pick:  Debora Lippmann ‘Amazing Grace’

Pisces |  A Dainty Design
You’re creative, emotional and, as a result, a sometimes misunderstood sign that marches to the beat of your own drum. Actually, we can’t even hear a drum playing, but we know you do! Next mani, get a little self-expression going with delicate nail art or a bit of glitter. You can tell us what you’re feeling without speaking a word, and flaunt the artistic edge you have on all the other signs.

Our Pick: Kure Bazaar ‘Gloss’

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