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Some of the wellness protocols we’ve treasured for years are finally getting the spotlight they deserve. Thanks to Gen Z’s voracious appetite for wellness trends everything from gua sha to infrared saunas are now becoming mainstream. PEMF is one of the hard-core wellness technologies trending big time lately and we’ve spotted PEMF mats in a ton of LA spas and friend’s living rooms. We’re thrilled about the spike in interest for one of our favorite overall health therapies and asked our writer Annie Goodman to try HealthyLine’s Rainbow Chakra Mat™ with PEMF at home. You could toss this rainbow mat anywhere for instant hard-core wellness vibes, but the PEMF and infrared functionality are remarkable…

I Tried This Trending PEMF Mat At Home

As someone who prides herself on being “in the know” about “deep wellness,” HealthyLine’s PEMF Mats have been on my radar for a long time. Whether spotted on the tables of my favorite holistic bodyworkers or in the offices of my integrative docs, I’ve seen HealthyLine’s rainbow-colored mats everywhere that matters and have always wished I could have one of my own at home. Call it manifestation, but I finally had my chance when The Chalkboard asked me for this review and HeathyLine’s Rainbow Chakra Mat™ landed on my front doorstep.

HealthyLine’s mats deliver the power of both far infrared heat and PEMF, using natural gemstone therapy, and the mat itself looks incredibly cool.
healthyline pemf rainbow matMost of us are familiar with the idea of infrared heat, but PEMF is still a bit mysterious. Here’s what I learned about PEMF while trying my new Rainbow Chakra Mat™

What The Heck Is PEMF Therapy?

Have you heard of Earthing or Grounding? Grounding is the traditional healing practice of getting your bare feet on the earth to electrically reconnect with the earth’s magnetic forces. Grounding might sound odd until you realize how weird it is that your feet don’t touch the earth each day! Stop and think about the last time your body touched—not pavement, carpet, wood planks, or stepping stones—but the actual earth. Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, it’s kind of a trip to think about. I’ll tell you right now that, despite living a very active life here in LA, I had to think long and hard about the last time my feet touched the soil or sand without shoes on.

Science has shown that the electrical conductivity between human beings and the earth directly impacts us on a cellular level, potentially boosting our immune system’s ability to defend itself against free radicals and oxidative stress. Wellness lovers have tapped into this modality, and many practitioners and at-home biohackers use PEMF therapy mats to mimic the magnetic frequency of the earth for great therapeutic benefit.
healthyline pemf rainbow chakra mat
PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy is also known as low-field magnetic stimulation. It is the use of electromagnetic fields to support healing, which the FDA supported when it cleared PEMF devices for use in 2007. These mats and wraps can be a powerful health modality for anyone who finds themselves more often in front of a computer screen than a patch of grass.

PEMF works to help accelerate the ability of cells and tissues to heal faster by tapping into the natural healing frequency of the earth. According to some studies, PEMF modulates inflammatory processes through the regulation of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokine secretion during different stages of our inflammatory response.
healthyline rainbow chakra mat
Some benefits of PEMF therapy can include:

+ Enhancing the body’s natural recovery process
+ Potentially reducing inflammation and pain
+ Boosting energy naturally
+ Improving athletic performance
+ Promoting faster recovery from injury
+ Correcting cellular dysfunction throughout the body

This process increases electrolytes and ions, therefore supporting one’s ability to naturally heal.

All you need is a great spot for your PEMF mat or wrap at home—there are wraps for knees, pads for shoulders, and even mats that fit a swivel chair! Just 15-20 minutes minimum of daily use are needed to start feeling the effects.

The 5 Therapies In The HealthyLine Rainbow Chakra Mat™

I tried the HealthyLine’s Rainbow Chakra Mat™, excited to be able to access PEMF at home daily. Unpacking the mat, it quickly became clear that I’d received more than I’d expected. The Rainbow Chakra Mat™ combines PEMF with four other natural therapies in just one mat.

The great thing about this mat, and PEMF in general, is that you don’t have to thoroughly understand the technology to feel the profound benefits. There are few therapies that feel as remarkably good as lying on a PEMF mat—it’s hard to explain!

01 Pemf Therapy | Set magnetic frequency settings between 1-30 Hz stimulate cells and support the grounding of your body’s biorhythm to its natural state. Also helps rid the body of the electrical interference we encounter day to day in our urban soup of wifi and what not.

02 Hot Stone Therapy | The mat’s surface is filled with seven distinct layers of gemstones. Each stone has a natural energy that pairs with one of the seven chakra points, helping to realign your energy head to toe and remove any energetic blockages. If you’re not familiar with the chakras already, don’t get hung up here. The crystals are also what make this mat so beautiful, draped around the home on your couch, bed, or floor.

03 Far Infrared Therapy | The heated gemstones release far-infrared rays 4-6 inches into the core of the body to alleviate muscle and joint tension. Far infrared is deeply relaxing, helping to provide a sense of serenity that I’ve grown to absolutely crave!

04 Negative Ion Therapy | Did you know that the air near naturally flowing water like ocean waves, streams, and waterfalls is filled with negative ions? Again, if waterfalls are not involved in your daily commute, I totally understand. Negative ions help to clear our surroundings of harmful agents, counteracting positive ion disturbances. The mat uses negative ion-releasing Tourmaline to do this. Negative ions can support the detoxification of your body and can enhance your mood.

05 Photon Light Therapy | Most of us have learned a bit about light therapy at this point, probably with red or blue light therapy at our aesthetician’s office. Multi-colored LED lights on the surface of the Rainbow Chakra Mat™ support your mood and help to revitalize the skin.

How I Experienced The PEMF Mat

As someone whose day is already filled to the brim with wellness practices and at-home therapies, I was slightly nervous about fitting in yet another thing. I don’t even take the time to meditate on a daily basis, you know?

My first thought when I received my Rainbow Chakra Mat™ was, “Where will I put this?” and “When will I use it?” However, I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to integrate my new, joyful-to-look-at mat into my routine!

I decided to use my mat in the evening as a part of my end-of-day stretching routine or while I was watching TV. Yes, this is a wellness routine, but there couldn’t be a more passive therapy. Being able to improve my recovery and calm my central nervous system (which everyone says is my problem!) while watching my latest streaming obsession is basically my dream.

Because stress was my main concern, I would often opt for a PEMF setting of 7-8 Hz—Mother Earth’s natural frequency and what Grounding is really all about.

While the overall health benefits are subtle so far—after all, I’m not recovering from an injury or fighting any chronic conditions—I can confidently share that I feel way more relaxed and am getting much deeper sleep. Not a small thing. In fact, after my new nightly ritual, I find that I am not as sore from my workouts the next morning.

As the mornings have gotten colder, I’ve also tried using the mat first thing in the morning—a quick dose of relaxing heat and healing PEMF without a heavy sweat while I focus on answering an email or two (sometimes three).

Perhaps, most notably, I feel an overwhelming sense of calm the minute I lie down on my mat. The gentle infrared heat is so soothing and pulsed frequencies are something that have to be felt to be understood!

Beyond the cellular benefits PEMF provides, this mat is encouraging me to slow down and be mindful in a way I rarely am, as someone who is always racing from one thing to another.

HealthyLine’s Other PEMF Products

The rainbow mat I received is just the right size for a city dweller like me and is easy to move from room to room. There are also larger full-length mats, which come at a higher price point, but might be a great investment if you have a dedicated gym or meditation room at home!

There are a variety of other PEMF devices that allow for more targeted therapy no matter where you are or what you’re doing:

Tao-Mat® Pemf Pillow | This pillow delivers the same powerful therapies as the Rainbow Chakra Mat™ for more targeted head-and-neck pain while you sleep. Not only does it help manage any chronic pain or inflammation, but this pillow helps improve your REM for better overall recovery.
healthyline pemf devicesTao-Mat® Chair | HealthyLine’s PEMF chair mat is the ideal companion for those sitting at a desk all day long in a sea of technology, suffering from minor aches and pains. Combining PEMF, Negative Ion Therapy, Far Infrared, and Hot Stone Therapy, we love that you can get all of the healing benefits of PEMF without blocking out additional time on your calendar.

Amethyst Pemf Belt | Infrared sauna belts have started to trend lately, whether to reduce belly fat, curb cramps, or relieve back pain. HealthyLine’s belt goes a step beyond combing infrared with PEMF to help relieve lower back tension and abdomen discomfort. Also a great option for travel!

While I try a lot of wellness trends, modalities, and techniques, not all of them remain in my routine for long. HealthyLine’s PEMF mat gave me such a delightful, efficacious, and—dare I say luxuriously soothing—experience that I will continue to use it on a daily basis. TL;DR: I think it’s worth the investment, and it makes me feel like my in-home wellness studio is almost complete.

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