What does it take to feel sexy in a body gone rogue? Women’s health expert, Nicole Granato, is breaking down the battle many women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) experience when it comes to sexual well being…

While working with women suffering from PCOS and hormonal imbalances, a huge topic that comes up often is feeling sexy, feminine and in control of your body – it’s difficult for a lot of women. How can you feel sexy in your body if you don’t feel you have any control of it?

How do you feel feminine when you don’t feel good in your body? Hormonal imbalance is something that effects almost every woman – some more severely than others – but how can we deal with imbalance and still feel strong, sexy, feminine and not allow our sex lives to suffer?

Here are some ways I keep my hormones balanced, sex drive healthy and focus on keeping myself PCOS free and my fertility strong.

Exercise: I do a lot of low intensity exercise to strengthen my body but not stress it out. High-intensity workouts can create a lot of stress in the body. I like exercise that almost massage my reproductive organs and strengthens my pelvic floor. These exercises help promote healthy blood flow in the uterus, promote a strong sex drive and leave you feeling calm and energized – opposite to completely exhausted. A lot of women I work with notice a 60% increase in the libido! These exercises include: yoga, pilates, pelvic floor exercises (similar to stretching, meditation and light yoga) and moderate hiking.

Self-care: I really believe feeling sexy and sexually confident is more about your confidence in taking care of yourself than focusing on what you want to change about yourself or your body. We all have things about us that maybe we want to be different or change, thinking that is what will make us feel sexier. However, I find knowing these things and taking care of our bodies — through everything from daily rituals, self care and personal time to the products we choose to use — makes a world of a difference. When suffering with hormonal imbalances and PCOS so much of what happens to our bodies feel out of our control. Choosing a ritual of self care daily is in your control and will help you feel more grounded, in control and confident in your body.

Morning Tonic: I drink a morning tonic every morning, a combination of herbs that boost libido, sooth the nervous system, assist in cellular repair and support fertility. I use Sun Potion herbs mostly.

Morning Tonic


1 cup nut milk of choice, warmed
1 tsp matcha
1 scoop collagen powder
1/2 tsp he shou wu
1/2 tsp chlorella
1/2 tsp polyrachis ant powder
1 tsp tocos


Combine all ingredients with a blender. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

Learn more about PCOS and how to manage it naturally here.

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