The Party Season Survival Kit: 8 Clean Beauty Essentials To Keep On Hand

Get pretty. Quick. Whether you’re heading to a holiday party straight from your desk, or a crazy schedule this season just has you in a rush in general, this list of high-performance clean beauty essentials have got you covered. Pack ’em up in a cute satchel and keep this quickie kit on hand now through New Years…

RMS Lip Liner | We’re living for RMS new lip line. This new nude liner can add definition under any shade lip and will keep your lipstick in place all day, all night. CHECK OUT

RMS Lip | RMS new lip colors are all you need for a new winter look. Try RMS Red for the ultimate flattering orange-red lip or other colors designed originally as custom shades for Gisele, Miranda Kerr, and others. CHECK OUT

Kora Organics Luminizer | Miranda Kerr’s new rose quartz infused luminizer goes on like a dream – and also makes a great gift. Amp up your skin in a flash with the subtle, warm pink glow. CHECK OUT

NuMe Travel Hair Set | These tiny power tools are easy to throw in a desk drawer, gym tote or overnight bag. Made with 100 percent stone ceramic, tourmaline ceramic, and titanium these mini hair tools add negative ion conditioning technologies straight to strands or healthier looking hair. CHECK OUT

January Labs Restorative Tonic Mist | Have a long day (or night) ahead?  January Labs’ essential mist keeps skin fresh and protects from moisture loss. Use throughout the day to prevent breakouts and irritation. | CHECK OUT

Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask | Who doesn’t love a sheet mask? The ultimate luxury for skin pre-event, tuck an envelope of cult-status facialist Joanna Vargas in the office fridge and sneak in a little facial before refreshing eyes for the evening. CHECK OUT

Oral Essentials Whitening Strips | We’re obsessed with this accessible, natural oral care brand. These gentle, natural white strips are incredibly convenient and won’t cause sensitivity. Most importantly they’re completely non-toxic. CHECK OUT

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