The couple that sweats together stays together, right? Whether you’ve found yourself in a relationship where the two of you seem to do everything together or just need the buddy system for extra motivation, our exercise guru, Lauren Gores Ireland has just the thing…

‘Tis the season of love! Who says workouts and romance can’t go hand in hand? Kick off your Valentine’s Day with a set of sweet exercises you can do with your significant other (or your bestie who’s celebrating Gal-entine’s Day with you).

I pulled my hubby in to help me model the moves. Wrap up your workout with a pressed juice and a celebratory date because you kicked butt together!

Couples Workout
Do 3 sets of each exercise

Partner Planks

Begin this exercise by facing each other in a plank position. Using opposite hands, squeeze your core and give your partner a ‘high-five.’ Continue to alternate hands for a total of 15 reps on each side.

Love Leg Lifts

One partner starts by lying down, face-up, grabbing hold of the their partner’s ankles for support. The partner on the ground lifts their legs upward, keeping them straight and close together. The standing partner grabs hold of the other’s shoes, throwing their partner’s legs straight-ahead or side-to-side. Repeat 30 times (or 15 on each side). Alternate positions.

Double Dips

Begin this move with one partner against a wall, in a seated-chair position. The second partner faces the same direction, placing their hands on the other’s knees, and extending their legs straight ahead. From that position, ‘dip’ up and down for a solid triceps workout. Repeat 15 times and alternate positions.

Muscle Matrimony

Start by facing each other, arms-length apart, clasping hands (matrimony-style). In unison, squat into a 90-degree seated position. Stand and squat 15 times.

Sweet Stack

Begin this exercise with one partner lying down in a push-up-like position. The second partner lies on top in the opposite direction, grasping their partner’s legs. Once in position, extend your arms in unison so each partner is in a plank. Hold for 30 seconds and release. To really challenge yourself, try doing traditional push-ups while stacked.

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