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Here at TCM, we eat, sleep and breathe wellness, which often leads to some pretty unique convos. The language used in the health, beauty, design and fashion industries can get a little hyper-contextual, so you can imagine the weirdness that sometimes unfolds when we combine them all at once.

Inspired by one of our fave funny Instagram accounts, OverheardLA, we occasionally track the most ridiculous things that come out of team members’ mouths at shoots, events, brainstorming session or even through email. It’s important to poke a little fun from time to time to keep things balanced. We hope these candidly odd moments make you smile — or at least smirk…

What size beekeeping suit do you wear, normally?
– PR rep to editor, in email

Sorry, can’t make it. I’m in a nine-day moon priestess facilitator training.
 – blogger response to an editor, Instagram DM

These sexy radishes are my mood for life.
– photographer to team, on a shoot

I can’t go, I sprained my elbow aggressively preparing Brussels sprouts.
– blogger to editor, in conversation

You’re having a real Aquarius moment right now.
– after a team member’s long speech, at a team meeting

These baby animals are so on-brand for us.
– team member excited to source new content, peering into phone

We used to tweak out watching Braveheart before heading the to gym.
– team member on workout motivation, leaving the office for class

I’m living for this moss moment.
– editorial note, in an inspiration board meeting

I like it. It’s like chic Gatorade.
– editor to team, product tasting

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  1. Rose quartz for LOVE

    Stephanie | 01.18.2019 | Reply
  2. I’m completely drawn to the pyrite and the pyris – I am a graduate nursing student and need both strength and wisdom everyday. Not only do I need these things for myself, but for my patients and their families. Specializing in labor and delivery, I try to be the best caregiver possible, and encourage my patients to have strength and wisdom through their delivery experience. It’s not always easy – labor doesn’t always have the best outcomes, and that is when I rely on my strength the most.

    Emily | 01.19.2019 | Reply

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