We’re always down for chocolate, especially when it’s responsibly-sourced. But wrap a good chocolate bar in art and give it a kitchy name? Double. Down.

We’re swooning over all of Compartes’ high-design bars, each one wrapped in prints that are almost too pretty to eat, including a line of collaborative bars from our design obsession and former Guest Editor, Kelly Wearstler. Compartes’ latest collab is blowing our minds and we think you’ll love it too. Photographer of the moment Gray Malin is wrapping Compartes’ eco-natural chocolate bars in his drool-worthy beach “prints” with flavors that match.

We talked to Compartes’ Jonathan Grahm and Gray Malin himself to learn all the details on our latest edible obsession…

The collaborators: Photographer Gray Malin and Jonathan Grahm of Compartes Chocolatier

The Chocolate bars: Beach Sprinkles (chocolate studded with rainbow sprinkles and homemade organic butterscotch) and Sweet Sea (milk chocolate with caramelized waffle cone pieces and topped with sea salt)

The Chalkboard Mag: These bars are brilliant – sea salt seems like the perfect handshake for the two brands! Were there any other flavor profiles in the running?

Jonathan: I wanted to create something that evoked the sea, happiness and summer in this collection right in line with the images Gray creates. The most popular bar in our line is the Coney Island bar – caramelized waffle cone and sea salt. I knew we had to do a beach bar with that flavor profile, especially since chocolate and sea salt is such a signature for us.

Gray: I love sweet and savory for dessert, so adding sea salt into one of the bars was high on my list too. I am so happy with how both bars turned out. The flavors blend together so well.

TCM: Jonathan’s fave piece by Gray Malin:

Jonathan: I love all of his pieces but especially the images of the beach and ocean. I have some Gray Malin art hanging in my living room actually, which is how this whole thing came about! The ocean and beach images from Australia are my favorite – they evoke happiness and endless summertime. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that every day after work?

TCM: Gray’s fave Compartes product:

Gray: That’s a tough one! For the flavor profile alone, I’d have to say the California Love bar (dark chocolate salted pretzel) because, like I said, I love a little salt with my sweet. Then again, I am a sucker for appealing visuals, so I have to mention Pina Colada as a favorite for the flamingo packaging.

TCM: 3 design inspirations for 2015:

Jonathan: Our very own Donuts and Coffee chocolate bar. The bar is filled with LA’s best donuts and I’ve designed the wrapper with flying geometric donuts all over it – so great. I’m also loving flamingos – they’re all over our new Pina Colada bar. And I love all things gold and cactus – a strange combo that’s inspiring a few new chocolate designs this year.

Gray: Snow polo in the mountains of Switzerland (Editor’s note: see Gray’s Instagram!), animals of all shapes and sizes, and fun things we use in the water from inner tubes to sunfish to sailboats.

TCM: Favorite travel destination of 2014:

Jonathan: My hands down favorite is Kauai; it’s just such a magical inspiring place and only a five-hour flight from LA. But we went around the globe this year. Turkey was out of this world!

Gray: Hands down, Greece. I’m very proud of the collection of images that came out of this trip.

TCM: Where are you headed next in 2015?

Gray: I have an exciting slate of travel destinations in the works for 2015, including my first trip to South Asia. Location TBA, but can’t wait to share soon!

Jonathan: Working on lots of new chocolate collections to share and keep creating art through chocolate. Also going to visit Paris and Tokyo next week.

TCM: These bars should be enjoyed with…

Gray: Your favorite Valentine and a fun, sprinkle-rimmed cocktail.

Jonathan: Your Valentine most definitely. Pick a few bars up at our new Alfred Coffee location on Melrose and eat them them a good cup of coffee.

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