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Lite+Cycle: One Product Designer’s NY-to-LA Product Picks
Feels New York: Thinksound On1 monitorseries headphones

Headphones are a must for me in New York. I go for big cans to completely escape while en route. Made with handcrafted wood housing that creates a more natural resonance, the Thinksound Monitor Series are also ultra-lightweight and minimize ambient sounds.

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Lite+Cycle: One Product Designer’s NY-to-LA Product Picks

Good design is everything. More than just pretty packaging, a well-designed object should function in a delightful way and leave everything inessential out of the equation. New LA transplant, designer Kristi Head and her LITE+CYCLE candles are popping up everywhere across town. The modern, elegant esthetic of Kristi’s vessel-less candles is functional too: once burned, the plant-based candles leave nothing behind – meaning less waste in materials. To us, that’s great design!

We asked Kristi to pinpoint a few other well-designed products she’s loving right now. Since she’s recently relocated LITE+CYCLE from New York to LA, here is a list of this product designer’s top products that best convey the feel of both coasts…

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