It has been such a pleasure to have eco-chic mama Alicia Silverstone with us all month long. From perusing the farmer’s market stands and grocery aisles to whipping up a macrobiotic take on a takeout staple, we’ve loved learning the day-to-day of this new mother and author of the long-awaited The Kind Mama, which hit shelves last week.

In true green goddess fashion, Alicia is bringing us back to basics this week. We gladly took her up on the offer to raid her pantry and learn the health habits she never leaves home without, from her food philosophy to the workout she uses to stay so glowingly gorgeous. Take a page from Alicia’s book, then go pick up a copy of your own!

Daily breakfast:

Depends on the day, but my go-to dishes are immune boosting miso soup (The Kind Mama), steamed or blanched greens with ume vinaigrette (The Kind Diet), some kind of porridge, like sweet rice, amaranth, and apricot breakfast porridge (The Kind Mama), or mochi waffles (The Kind Diet), yum!

My food philosophy in one sentence:

I love to eat! Nourishing, balancing foods (that also happen to taste amazing) have the power to make us feel like our best and healthiest selves.

Daily supplements:

Depends on the day. If I’m eating out, I’ll have an enzyme. If I’m not having my usual cultured fermented veggies, then I’ll do a probiotic. If I’m traveling and not eating as well, I’ll take a prenatal for breastfeeding. During high-stress times, or if I’m not out in the sun as much as I’d like, I’ll take vitamin D, and B12 a bit more regularly. But no matter what I take, I always makes sure to look for 100%-food-based, certified-organic, vegan vitamins.

Can’t live without my:

My son Bear Blu, my husband Christopher, brown rice and vegetables and beans.

Once a week for my health I:

I love going to yoga class with my husband on Saturday mornings.

Fave workout:

I love yoga; walking (with friends, with my son in his ergo carrier, or by myself) and, of course, dance parties with my son and husband!

Best healthy food option on the go:

Nori wraps of leftovers (The Kind Diet) – so easy and yum!

3 staples always in our pantry:

Brown rice, nori toasted sheets and dry beans.

At least once a week I cook…


If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Start moving away from dairy, sugar and animal foods, and instead, get cozy with whole grains and plant-based proteins and veggies. Everything is better when you do this! My first book, The Kind Diet, has tons of advice and recipes for how to do just that!

Reading list:

The Kind Diet, The Kind Mama, The China Study, The Food Revolution, Business of Being Born, Orgasmic Birth, Good Nights by Jay Gordon, Treatment Alternatives For Children, Shantaram, The Red Tent.

Go-to health resources:

Macrobiotic counselor Warren Kramer and chef activist Christina Pirello of the Kushi institute.

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:

My fridge is my medicine cabinet! These are my go-to healing foods:
Ume plums: Hangover? Feeling off? Getting sick? I use for cure-all tea in the Kind Diet.
Kuzu: Use for the ume sho kudzu drink from The Kind Mama, for all above as well.
Echinacea: When you feel something coming on, or if you already have the little bug.
Black elderberry: Same as above.


Avoid animal flesh completely.

Simplest way to improve health:

Cut out animal foods.

Fave healthy getaway:

We Care Spa, or a yoga retreat.

My current mantra:

Stay in my heart and body more than in my mind. And I practice asking myself, “Is this helping me or hurting me?” to think whatever I’m thinking – and if it is hurting me, I practice letting it go.

Go-to juice or smoothie:

Carrot cocktail: lemon ginger carrot little apple or just carrot. Or simple green juice: kale or romaine or both, apple, and lemon and ginger.

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