Detoxing is nothing new in the city of angels, but choosing the best method can definitely take some research along with trial and error. The Chalkboard Mag checked out one of Hollywood’s newest and hip places to get your sweat on at The Sweat Shop LA at the corner of Cahuenga & Sunset. The name is no joke, as it is the place to come for the perfect sweat.

But before we launch into why we love Sweat Shop LA, here’s a little background info on infrared saunas in general:

  • Infrared heat travels 2-3″ deep into the body to improve circulation and repair damaged tissue. Traditional sauna heat travels only 1/2″ in into the body, doesn’t reach majority of the muscles and tissues. Traditional saunas heat the air to warm the body.
  • Infrared saunas work differently, directly warming the body, which results in deeper penetration.
  • During infrared sauna sessions, you burn more calories because it takes energy to produce sweat. When your body heats up, your metabolic rate is increased.
  • Traditional saunas create a bacteria-friendly environment because of the humidity. The air is dry in infrared saunas, which stops the spread of the microbes and bacteria, making it far more hygienic.
  • The sweat amount is 2-3 times greater than in tradition saunas during same amount of time, which means toxins and heavy metals are removed much faster and more easily.
  • Infrared light heals acne, scars, blemishes and discoloration on the face. It repairs and tones the tissue.

If any of that sounds good to you, you’ll definitely want to check out The Sweat Shop LA. Once inside, it is like being transported into a redwood forest in northern California. The smell of cedar trees permeates the space from the wooden infrared saunas. You will be greeted by one their highly knowledgeable and friendly staff members. Your first session is discounted $5 and is $35 for single sessions thereafter. Packages can also be purchased depending on your personal detox goals.

You will be escorted to your own personal room that includes a wooden state of the art infrared sauna, stocked with towels & lotion. Many of the rooms have a shower that allows you to rinse off or even take cold plunges intermittently between transferring from the hot sauna. It’s a truly refreshing experience! Make sure to take some of their delicious cucumber water into your space to stay hydrated from the heat.

If you need to replenish yourself with a healthy snack or juice, stop by Life Food Organic – it’s connected to The Sweat Shop LA. Their coconut yogurt parfait with berries & sweetened with wild-flower honey is the ultimate treat after your detox. You can check The Sweat Shop LA out at their site here and Life Food Organic.

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