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Callisto Hudson Valley is a farm and gathering space located in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Callisto grows vegetables using no-spray, no-till practices and is home to a range of wellness and culinary-focused experiences. Located on 88 acres of rolling hills and forest, their aim is to inspire connection with nature, quality produce and the arts.

Callisto’s founder, Amalia Graziani, is a real estate developer and designer with a lifelong passion for the outdoors, agriculture and sustainability. We asked her to join our On the Farm series, and Graziani filled us in on her daily routine filled with tomato roasting and goat grazing…

On The Farm With Amalia Graziani of Callisto

My morning begins by… I love solo mornings. When I’m at Callisto, I’ll have coffee on the front porch and watch the light change. The property offers so much natural beauty, and mornings are a quiet window to sit with that before the meetings, visitors, or deliveries begin.
callisto farmOur style in 3 words… At Callisto, we aim to create beauty, whether in our flower gardens, through landscaping, and in our barns. I’d say it all feels timeless, unfussy and approachable.

The easiest things i grow/ raise are… Keeping goats isn’t technically easy, but they are the most lovable creatures. They’re hilarious. They provide an amazing contribution to soil health, but beyond that their purpose here is to eat and play. The wildflowers, invasives and other overlooked fauna that populate our meadow and forest serve many uses, both decorative and functional. It’s not always about what we intentionally grow, but rather what we do with all that the land gives us each year.goat farm hudson valley

The hardest part of my day is… Maybe hard isn’t quite the right word, but there are many unique challenges that come with creating something so impacted by seasonal change. This work is impermanent. What worked brilliantly one season may not fare the same the following. There is a lot of real-time adjusting happening. Farming has helped me learn to soften my relationship with control. Sometimes you just throw your hands up and say okay, nature, you won this one.
callisto farmThe most magical part of my day is… I move fast, talk fast, and am usually jumping between tasks and topics, but here, you have to pause. If you leave for a week and come back, there are new colors in the fields, sure to be gone just as quickly as they arrived. If you visit monthly, there are different birds, butterflies, wildlife, and flowers. Nothing is stagnant, so each glimpse of something special feels precious.

Lunch is usually… At 4pm. Most days I get lost in my projects and grab something random. My favorite is from local cafe, Black Dot. They make a great smoked salmon open faced sandwich.

Recent inspirations include… This summer I visited Daylesford Farm in the Cotswolds. Everything about that property is immaculate, but British floral design is particularly inspiring. I have so many ideas for next year’s flower gardens here.callisto farm

A day never goes by without… Some sort of surprise.

When the sun sets, I end my day by… Taking a long walk around. In the Hudson Valley, the light at the end of the day isn’t to be missed.

We have fun by…
Everyone on the team here has a strong creative side. Some of our best days are when each team member is working on a creative endeavor, such as building something from reclaimed wood on site, creating a striking floral installation, or trying their hand at a new pickling technique. A lot of this project has been rooted in experimentation and play.

I feel most rewarded… When I see people have meaningful experiences at Callisto. There’s so much wonder, exploration and play that takes place here. The actual responsibility and logistical load of this endeavor means that that’s all that’s in the cards for me every day. I feel like a tired parent watching their child have an amazing birthday party after a ton of prep. Sharing the property with others and hearing their stories makes the challenges so worthwhile.

The crop that i will always grow is… Shishitos and Sungold tomatoes!

Our most recent eco efforts include… We aim to use every part of what we grow. The intention is that every piece serves a purpose, whether that means adding to soil health or becoming part of a tea or sauce – or even a goat snack.

Shopping tips… I’m passionate about buying from local makers and farmers whenever possible.

My most loved recipe created from my farm is…
Slow roasted Sungold and cherry tomatoes with herbs! We harvest cherry tomatoes and a ton of herbs from the garden. Place in a pan with whole cloves of garlic, a ton of olive oil, salt and pepper and roast at 425F for around 30 minutes. The tomatoes will become soft and supple, perfect for spreading on toast and topping with feta and basil.

Photo credit for this story: Emily Howe, Harrison Lubin, Kelsey Hunter, Seph Mossey, and Brittany Barb

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