What does a girl who lives and breathes that yoga life wish to find beneath the tree? We had to know! One of our favorite (and one of the sweetest) yogis, Tara Stiles, is dishing on what made it to her wishlist and her favorite gifting memories. To note, her favorite things include homemade gifts, pie and the family farm – this is one grounded yogi to be sure. Enjoy Tara’s list here and then peruse a few of Tara’s own fun gift items  for your downward-dogging pals!

Watch for all our Wishlist features throughout the month, including Todd Barket of Unionmade from earlier this week!

I've been looking for the perfect...

Sweater. I love sweaters and am always on the hunt for a perfect one.

In my stocking I hope to find...

Personal notes and well wishes.

The gift I'm giving everyone:

Hugs, love and homemade knitted hats.

Favorite places for holiday shopping:

Marc by Marc. Rag & Bone. Reebok Yoga.

Person I splurge on:

My mom.

Tradition I love the most:

Begins with the whole big family on the farm in Illinois.

On my list every year:

Socks. I can always use fun and cozy socks.

The best gift I ever received:

Love and support from family and friends.

The children in my life are getting...

Yoga sessions with me, but they always get that. They are getting lots of love and hugs, homemade knitted hats and whatever is on their list.

It's not the holidays without:

Afternoon pie breaks.

I always look forward to a gift from...

The people who come to Strala in NYC. They always bring cookies and holiday treats to share with everyone.

Wrap it up – fave wrapping paper/technique:

The comics from the newspaper for recycling purposes.

Favorite gift as a child:

Giant trampoline for the back yard. So awesome!

How I'm giving back:

Working with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to bring yoga and healthy habits to kids in 18,000 schools.

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