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    Want to spend the morning perusing the farmer’s market with Alicia? So do we. It crossed our minds that we could hire a bus, fill it with readers and make a grand excursion to farm stands across LA. But we quickly remembered our distaste for bus rides and overly-crowded markets and opted for these beautifully-written insights from Alicia instead. Ugh, farmer’s markets are so narrow…

    We love Alicia’s delicious inspirations for nourishing yourself and those you love most. Enjoy her shopping ideas and quick-fix snacks, and let all those recipe mentions pique your appetite for April 15th when her new book The Kind Mama finally hits shelves! Trust us when we say this  book is an incredible resource for new and expecting mothers, and the perfect gift idea for the next baby shower on your calendar.

    Stay tuned for our Kind Mama giveaway next week. If you just can’t wait, pick up her classic The Kind Diet for instant vegan gratification. Here’s Alicia…

    My favorite veggie:

    This is a tough one! I love artichokes, leeks, kabocha squash, white-flesh sweet potatoes…honestly, the list is endless!

    Favorite place to shop:

    Farmers market.

    Produce shopping tip:

    Check out your area farmers market for great local and organic options (which are often less expensive and healthier than what you’ll find at your supermarket).

    Must-have munchies:

    For something sweet strawberry smoothies, or almond butter and brown rice syrup – when mixed together they form something similar to caramel – delicious with apples or just on its own. When I want a savory treat, I toast some sourdough bread, spread with Earth Balance butter, and top with sliced tomatoes and a tiny pinch of salt. Yum!

    Fave condiments:

    Toasted sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and walnuts.

    Meat, fish, and protein:

    No way, Jose! But Field Roast makes the best “sausages” (the smoked and Italian are my faves). I also love Rhapsody’s Teriyaki Tempeh, and Health Times seitan. The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama have a lot of great recipes that include these.

    Best bargain:

    Farmers market.

    Best label-reading tip:

    I avoid words that are hard to pronounce – ingredients should be very simple to read, not an endless list! In general, try to make more real food and avoid the packaged stuff when possible.

    Must-have staples:

    Lemon, scallions, rice, kale, dried beans, mochi, brown rice syrup and toasted nori sheets.

    Naturally sweet:

    Fresh, in-season fruit, brown rice syrup and carrot juice.

    Dairy or non-dairy faves:

    Earth Balance butter, veganaise and Rice Dream ice cream sandwiches, all as fun foods.

    Skip labels that read:

    I try to opt for whole foods whenever possible, but when it comes to packaged goods, I always avoid animal-derived ingredients. I try to avoid any added sugars and any ingredient with numbers in it – that’s just bad news!

    Favorite splurge:

    Dates at the market – they are seriously like candy! I also love Moo cheese (an amazing vegan cheese made from cashews) with crackers or a sourdough baguette.

    My shopping bag is:


    Wine and other indulgences:

    Chocolate-dunked coconut delights in The Kind Mama or the chocolate peanut butter cups in The Kind Diet are my decadent treats.

    Simple go-to recipe:

    Fat fried noodles, or sausage and sweet potato hash (both from The Kind Mama). One of the quickest, easiest and most delicious things to make is my baby bok choy drizzled with ume vinaigrette from The Kind Diet. Three to four ingredients, and less than five minutes!

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    1. I wish you would do grocery shopping with Abigail O’Neill,Valentina Zelyaeva and Lonneke Engel! three really healthy models!

      Tajna | 04.07.2014 | Reply
    2. I love Alicia! So inspiring.

      sarah | 04.09.2014 | Reply
    3. The Kind Diet is an amazing and inspirational book. One of her Superhero recipes involves pan-fried mochi and brown rice syrup – and it is absolutely delicious.

      Elizabeth | 04.10.2014 | Reply
    4. I agree with Farmers Market! Thanks Alicia. Try getting out to the Studio City one and try Nary Dairy’s cashew cheese. Its insanely good and they have a great array of flavors. Also the produce there is outstanding. Thanks for being a great advocate and helping me realize klean-slate has a place in this world too. Great community.

      klean-slate | 04.10.2014 | Reply
      • You can also find n.dairy at – they deliver all around LA

        Bethany | 04.10.2014 | Reply
    5. que bueno que orienten a la gente y busquen lugares creo que devieran buscar lugares en otros naciones saludos desde chile

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