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April’s FULL MOON IN Libra lights the sky on April 7th. Psychological and intuitive astrologer Danielle Beinstein is back moonsplaining how we can best harness this Libra energy and set the below learnings into action…

New Moons and Full Moons are highly significant astrological events. New Moons are for planting seeds, whereas Full Moons, which occur two weeks after, are times of culmination and release. Each New and Full Moon carries its own unique energetic pattern. In tracking them, we can learn a great deal about, not only the cosmos but also ourselves. In order to provide a deeper understanding of both our own astrological make-up and that of each New + Full Moon, I have created The Cosmic Compass  an online membership with videos, meditations, insight and guidance for self-counseling. Here’s what this month’s Full Moon means to me…

Spiritual Significance | Full Moons are opportunities for illumination, culmination and release. This one in Libra asks that we acknowledge the give and take in our relationships, as partnerships of all kinds are highlighted. 

Overall Themes to Explore | Given this unprecedented time, emotions maybe even more heightened than usual. This is a time to look at how we are relating to ourselves and to others, as well as any issues of codependence or “niceness” at the expense of authenticity. Whatever is brewing underneath is likely to come to the surface. The more awareness we have of our core triggers, the more growth is possible. Relationships, whether in one or desiring of one, are our greatest mirror. 

How you may feel | We’re quarantined and in the midst of a pandemic, so every and any feeling under the sun. Just note where said feelings may be projected on to others as an avoidance tactic. Or, conversely, how we may be idealizing others’ quarantine experience. Note any “if only, then…” self-talk. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. For those in a relationship, especially in tight quarters, this is an opportunity to explore all aspects of the relationship and how the relationship can better serve the individuals involved. For those single and in desire of partnership, a powerful time to acknowledge, forgive and release any limiting beliefs, negative self-talk or fears around calling in partnership. Communication, especially, maybe a theme with Libra’s ruler Venus, being in Gemini. We are going to feel the desire to connect. 

Excellent time to | Do any kind of release work, in any way available, examples include: journaling, movement or crying. A bath, especially with Epsom salts, if it’s available to you, is never a bad thing. 

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