TCM Obsession: The Non-Toxic Ombre Manicure From Olive + June

BORED WITH BASIC manis but too chic for nail art? We found the ultimate solution to set your hands apart this season: the ombre manicure. Ever-stylish TCM team member, Sarah Kretzu, recently stopped by our fave non-toxic nail salon, Olive & June, to try out the look. We love that O&J’s signature polishes are made without harsh chemicals and still last as long as gels, and the ombre mani is the perfect way to put them to use. Here’s what you need to know…

The salon: Olive & June in Santa Monica for a non-toxic mani. Their studios, which can be found across LA, are dedicated to non-toxic living, and also very pleasant on the eyes. I enjoyed a relaxing and luxurious mani on one of their modern, leather swoop back chairs, with grammable dried flower-adorned walls and a chic color palette.

The manicure: A modern lavender mani alternating shades of dark periwinkle and pastel lavender.

What you need to know: Pick a color to match your mood! Wanting the summer sun on your nails? Grab five shades of golden and pastel yellow. Wanting something a little more understated with a subtle touch of fun? Grab five shades of neutral and baby pink. Let your creativity flow by choosing five different variations of the same color; alternate them at random or go from dark to light — you can’t go wrong! Olive & June also launched ombre manis including the new black/tan.

Why we love it: Let’s be real, we have a hard time committing to a week of crazy nails. Ombre nails let us play with color in a subtle way without veering deep into the world of nail art. The ombre manicure is also great for the girl who can’t decide. Go ahead and pick five colors off that polish wall — now you can have it all.

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