Inside Jacquie Aiche’s Magical Kundalini Yoga Event With Guru Jagat

Jewelry and kundalini? What else would we be doing on a Monday? We recently gathered at LA-based jewelry designer, Jacquie Aiche’s beautiful bungalow space in Beverly Hills to celebrate the launch of her “Bungalow Series,” a new program geared towards holistic living. The stylish series will continue with a roster of experts in the fields of wellness, nutrition and relationships. First up: Kundalini yoga master, Guru Jagat.

Jacquie Aiche

Jacquie has been practicing Kundalini for over 20 years, and invited Guru Jagat — “my long-lost sister” — to grace the garden of the JA Bungalow, where she held a talk on the values of Kundalini yoga as well as lead the group in exercises and meditations like this one on addiction. Guru Jagat also shared her new line of clothing – the Guru Jagat Collection – which recently debuted at Paris Fashion Week. Guests enjoyed juices from Pressed Juicery and healthy light bites in the beautiful space.

Guru Jagat explained that “Kundalini is really a way for us to activate our inherent creativity. And the most important thing about being a happy human is that we keep that creative energy flowing. As women, our body and mind is constructed to be creative. Part of what Kundalini does is to open up those creative channels. When you’re being creative, you’re not being destructive. And usually for women, being destructive means being self-critical or judgmental.”

Shop some of our favorite pieces from Jacquie’s collections here, then snag a few simple Kundalini exercises with notes form Guru Jagat below…

4 Mind-Body Balancing Kundalini Exercises

Cat-Cow (fast) | This gets the cerebral spinal fluid pumping. It changes your glands and keeps you youthful. Do this for three minutes a day, for 40 days.

Backbends | This is really great for those that have had a hormonal imbalance and those that sit all day. Also good for digestion.

Forward Fold while pumping the navel | Good for menstruation or for those starting menopause. Also good for pelvic balance which is important for women’s mental health.

Arm Circles | This gets the lymph [nodes] moving, which is great for breast cancer prevention.

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